Oh My Gosh, the Wait is Over!!!!

It is not often that I am excited about yet another store coming to Surf City.  We have strip mall after strip mall after…You get the idea.   We have A LOT of shopping opportunities here.  I am a woman who likes to throw fab parties and decorate, so obviously I like to shop. But many of the shops seem to carry what the other shops already carry.

I think I have been pretty honest with my “obsession” with Pinterest.  Funny, I don’t know why I feel the need to put “obsession” in quotes.  I may have a problem I need to look deeper into.  But not now (= denial)…Pinterest is really, for me the greatest thing since sliced bread, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and spray paint, all rolled into one.  The pics are beautiful, inspiring and frustrating!

Wait, what????  Frustrating? For me, yes.  You see I have been following blogs for quite some time and have been on Pinterest for almost two years and the common thread that I have found to be so frustrating?

(I have heard “they” have an amazing assortment of knobs.)

Each time I would find a fabulous craft that I just had to make, I would scour the supply list to see over and over (and over…) one name.  Not Michael’s and not Jo Anns, my two local craft stores. But…

There I said it.  Hobby Lobby has practically taunted me over the years.  “Ooohhhh, look what I have to make X, Y and Z!  Oh, but wait, sorry YOU can’t shop here!”  It was just plain mean!  Ok, maybe I am being a tad dramatic (I think Buddy is rubbing off on me as he is in rehearsal for two plays right now). But still, it was so maddening!

Alas, dreams do come true!!!  This past Friday, the much-anticipated store opened (Soft opening?  WHAT is that anyway?!?) and I am heading there later this morning.  I feel like I am headed to Craft Mecca (too dramatic again?  sorry…).

From their add in the local paper (Thanks for telling me about it Sachi!) they have everything. I did not know they even carried furniture!  Since I am heading there to shop, err, I mean browse today; I sure hope I haven’t been too excited about Hobby Lobby and they end up having the same stuff as everyone else. That would be truly, seriously disappointing (I know. Too dramatic.  Again.).

Baby Girl is also very excited to go.  But I think it is best that I go on a Reconnaissance Mission without her first.  It will be safer for the both of us (and my wallet).

I better get going so that I can finish my morning chores and then off to Hobby Lobby to shop, I mean BROWSE without any guilt of dishes in the sink, beds unmade, dog unfed…  My life is SOO glamorous!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

A “Glamping” We Will Go!

The BIG 1-0!!!

 Baby Girl has turned double digits!

Come on in!  Your invited to celebrate us!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to have a Glamping sleepover.  What is Glamping you ask?  “Glamour Camping”!  Sure girls can rough it, but why not “rough” it in style?  For the first time ever, we were allowing a slumber party in the playhouse!

As with any party for Baby Girl, we started with her color scheme.  This year we found clearance invitations from Michael’s that had a fun teal blue pennant tied across the invite.  The 30 invitation kit (I only needed 8) was $9 and came with everything we needed.  We then headed to Jo-Ann‘s to search for scrapbook paper that we could make pennants from (matching the teal blue theme).  Instead of finding what we were looking for, we found something that she liked even better…

Slate blue with brown polka dots, red apples and straw scrapbook paper.  Yay!  Looks like I finally get to use fall colors for a party!  Since we were throwing her party 2 weeks after her birthday (mid September- technically still summertime), it was going to be the last weekend of September- Officially Autumn!

But since I had already found a great bargain with the invites, I was still going to use them even though they were a tad “summery“.

If you follow me on Pinterst, you may have noticed my Board “Baby Girl’s 10th Birthday”.  I pinned all sorts of great ideas; many that did not fall into my budget or Baby Girl’s final “vision”.  I have found that Pinterst is a great place to start when planning a party and looking for ideas.  Don’t be intimidated by the “perfect” parties!!!  (Seriously, how much are some of those fab parties?) I have found that those pics can often make me feel inadequate and frankly they can stress me out!  So pin away, but go easy on yourselves with the expectations! No matter what you do, enjoy the process!!!

Welcome to “SNR Glamp“!

The Glampers “sleeping tent”.

Cabin #10

I love to use pictures for an inexpensive, yet fabulous decoration. Print pics on your home computer and sprinkle around the party.

Our little pirate

Homemade shredded beef tacos, caesar salad and pink lemonade. Bon Appetite!

Dessert Bar

S’mores Mix: Golden Grahams cereal, mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.

The Glampers from Cabin #10

We have a tradition during the gift opening that makes everyone feel special.  Whomever’s gift is being opened, they sit with Baby Girl.  What I love is that I always have at least one picture of Baby Girl and each of her guests.  Plus, we have a visual gift list to help with thank you notes.

One of my favorites things that Baby Girl did was when it came time to give her glampers their Glamping survival goody bags, she called each girl up and told everyone what she loved about her friend.  It was so sweet to hear how each girl was special to her for different reasons.  We all need to embrace our differences!  (I hope they remember that as they head into the teen years!)

A new tradition was born last year at Baby Girl’s birthday slumber party~ Ding Dong Ditching!  Of course I could not just let them run loose, disturbing our quiet neighborhood without leaving a little treat!  Ding Dongs wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon.

All set to ring some door bells!

If you have been reading my blog, then you know we love to have Drive-In movie nights and Baby Girl’s party was no different.  They bundled up and laughed their way through a family favorite “RV” with Robin Williams.

As we all know, you can’t go camping without roasting marshmallows!

For some reason they all wanted their marshmallows seriously burnt!

Before the girls were sent to bed in “Cabin #10” they closed out the party singing Karaoke.  Unfortunately,I was forbidden from taking pics during the show.  However, Baby Girl’s rendition of Green Day’s “21 Guns” was epic!

After a few hours of sleep (literally!), the glampers awoke to a breakfast of homemade waffles and bacon (Baby Girl’s favorite!).

Thanks for coming to Baby Girl’s 10th Birthday Glamping Party!

Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as this great group of girls did!

My purchases for the party were as follows:

{Michael’s}Invites $9,Fall garland (4) $8 a piece,8 Brown Chargers $8,8 Spa socks $4 (50% off!),8 Sleep masks $4 (50% off!),8 tissues packages $4 (50% off!),4 Nail File kits $4,Notecards $2,Cupcake liners $2. {Jo-Ann’s}Scrapbook paper $6. {Home Goods}8 Dinner plates $3.99 each. {Smart & Final} Mason jars $9 for 12. Desserts $12. {Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy} 10 containers for $20. {Shinoda}$67 total-Ribbon (brown gingham, brown and blue stripped, red),Twig Ribbon,Fall Leaves,Brown Market, Bags, Cellophane Bags,Artificial apples,2 small artificial tress. {Feed Barn}4 Bales of Hay $60. {IKEA}Chandelier $40,Mirror $40,8 Blankets $3.99 each,5 red frames $1 each. {Wal-Mart}Small bales of hay $4 each,Door swag $20. {Donated}10 jar candles. {Market}$40 for chuck roast, tomatoes, onions, tortillas, romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, croutons

Mr. Cabana had a sheet of plywood that I used to paint the glamp signs.

Party total (approximately)-$440

Now, I don’t want you to think that I spend $440 on Baby Girl’s birthday parties normally.  I don’t.  (Remember, her Valentine party was less than $40.)  But…Since it was her 10th birthday (and I now have a Blog!), I justified the extra money.  You only turn double digits once, right?  Some of my purchases (the chandelier and mirror) will be re-used over and over (and over and over…).  See? I am REALLY good at justifying the extra expense.

Was this a “perfect” party?  Yes!  Because Baby Girl and her friends thought so and they are the discerning of clients!  But do these pictures look like the ones I drool over on Pinterest?  Nope.  And I am actually ok with that!  As I have been more than forthcoming about my lack of photography skills (I am trying to take more and better pictures!), I would love to have had a professional take the pictures of the Glamp.  Ahhh, maybe someday…

Buddy and his best friend, Branden. They were such good sports and took the glampers “ding dong’ ditching.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Where have you been?!?

Scene set up:

It is a hot, humid day in September.  A Lady hangs her head down, looking shamefaced at the computer in front of her…

If you were in my kitchen right now looking at me, that is pretty much what you would find (well, and some dishes in the sink, papers on the counter…Don’t judge me…)

I have finally found my way to Butterscotch Lady after a bit of time away.  Ok, let’s be honest (because we can all check the date of my last posting), since July 23rd!!!  How did all of that time escape from me without a loud cracking sonic boom?  Shouldn’t I notice that over 7+ weeks have passed since I last sat at my computer to chat with you?

Ooohhh, wait a minute, I know what that sound was that I was hearing: waves lapping on the sand, children’s laughter in the water, “Mommy!  Watch this” over and over (and over and over…), crickets at night (ok seriously!  How loud are they?).  It was the sounds of summer and I just could not escape them (nor did I really want to)!

Baby Girl and her Posse on July 3rd

As Baby Girl would say, “This was the best summer EVER!!”  What made it so great that I was willing (and obviously able) to ignore all of you?

HB City Jr. Lifeguards!!!

Buddy, for 6 years and Baby Girl, for  her first year, continued the family tradition of spending 8 weeks at the beach participating in the “Surf City” Jr. Lifeguard program.  I was in the program from the ages of 10 to 16 and they truly were the best way to spend summers.

Living as close to the beach as we do (3 1/2 miles), we think it is important that our kids know how to respect the ocean and how to survive in it.  Anyone that has spent time in the ocean knows that it is very different from swimming in a pool.    Buddy was a Safety Aid which means that he helped with all activities that other Jr. Guards participated in.  (He earned 50 volunteer hours as a Safety Aid!)

Of  course for me, it meant I took some fantastic pics of Buddy helping Baby Girl.  Some of them just make me want to weep seeing the love and protectiveness between them (with a teen and ‘tween, it happens less often than I would like).

The “Safety Aid” and the Jr. Guard

I also made a wonderful new friend through Jr. Guard’s.  She and her son are Canadian and are living here until December before returning to Ottawa, Canada. It is such a sweet surprise at my age to feel an instant connection to someone and to know that we will be lifelong friends no matter the distance that may separate us.

 Mr. Cabana and I tried to spend and enjoy as much time with family and friends as summer would allow~ BBQ’s, Drive-In Movie nights, Girl’s nights, pool parties, a movie on the beach (it was amazing!!!), vintage swap meets…

A little Butterscotch Schnapps and Hot Tamale never hurt anyone! Cups came from Smart & Final. They are the perfect size for shots, er, um I mean for SIPPING!

Butterscotch Lady and her “Posse” at a pajama Ladies night.

I know, I know, summer has been over for a couple  of weeks so what is my excuse for still not doing a post?  My kid’s schools, soccer…You know the feeling of just resisting getting back into the regular routine of homework and practices, volunteering…I think I block out every year just how BUSY the start of school is for all of us.

Now that we are into our 2nd full week of school, I am beginning to find my sea legs again, routine wise.  Maybe I should tackle those dishes in my sink now or stop by my girlfriend’s house who has a free table I can re-finish…?

Whoops!  No time!  I have to run to pick up Baby Girl from school.

      Time really does fly by!

         See you again, very soon. I promise!!!

  Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  Baby Girl just turned 10 yesterday and we are in the throes of party planning.  Looking forward to sharing her party with you in a couple of weeks!

Anchors Away!

Anchors Away!.

Anchors Away!

This past June Buddy’s 3rd grade teacher retired after teaching for nearly 20 years.  We love Mrs. Setterquist and it will be such a loss for the school!!!  Before she taught, she was a PTO mom like me and she was an incredible mentor and sounding board for me and I will truly miss her on campus.

Mrs. Setterquist and Buddy 2009

So of course for every change in life, one must throw a party to celebrate and that is exactly what we did!

Mrs. Setterquist wanted a beach theme with bright colors, an ice cream sundae station and a dessert bar.  She is quite the traveler so the theme of “Anchors Away” was the perfect choice!  (Thanks Miss Nilsen!) Our main colors were hot pink and apple green.

The party was held in the lunch area of the elementary school, so I knew having a sundae station would be tricky.  We were expecting approximately 120 people and scooping ice cream for that many people made my hands cramp up just at the thought!

Not wanting to disappoint the special lady, we used Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches placed into plastic to-go containers from Smart and Final.


Each container had a round sticker that read~

Anchors Away!

Make an Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae

*****BOO!!!  No pictures to show you!*****

I created the round stickers on Vistaprint.com


 Mr. Cabana and I created the balloon bouquets.  We used an air compressor to blow up the balloons and curling ribbon to tie the balloons onto.  We used 3 of each color (pink, green and yellow) for the bouquets.

1.Cut a piece of curling ribbon approx. 5 feet, fold in half.  (I used white)

2. Starting with the middle of the ribbon, using an already blown up, knotted balloon, knot the balloon onto the ribbon.

3. Using a different color, knot it onto the balloon right next to the 1st balloon.  Repeat the process, keeping the balloons very tight together.

4.  You should have 2 “tails” of ribbon once all of the balloon are attached.  I used the strings to tie onto the poles.

The balloons slide on the ribbon quite easily to move the balloons along.  You can adjust the balloons around one another to keep the colors spaced out.

{The cream cabinet was a freebie that a neighbor gave me.  See the transformation in a future blog.}

I really wish I had more pictures to post from this party, but I was working up until the last-minute!  Everyone had a fabulous time and we sent Mrs. Setterquist into retirement in style!!!

Thank you to my “Teacher Committee”~

Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Crandall, Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Mastropaolo, Miss Nilsen

and to my parent volunteers~

Mrs. Booji, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Cross

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Emma’s SURVIVOR Party!

~Last Saturday I had the great honor to style a very special party for a MAGICAL little girl, Emma.  Emma is going into the 2nd grade at Baby Girl’s school and that is where we originally heard her story.

Emma will be starting the 2nd grade in September.

Almost 2 1/2 years ago (pre-school) Emma’s Mom found a lump on Emma’s head.  After several anxious tests,  every parent’s worst fear came true for the family.  Emma was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The family started the very long road of treatment at CHOC Hospital (Children’s Hospital of Orange County).

Just a couple of weeks ago, Emma’s long road to recovery was completed when she took her very last steroid treatment and  her last chemo pills (using a Waterford glass no less!).  She has finally been given a clean bill of health and it is time to celebrate!!!

Emma’s mom, Leigh Anne, told me that orange is the color of Leukemia and I just immediately imagined butterflies everywhere.  After all, Emma had just emerged from a cocoon with beautiful blond curly hair!

We took Emma on a field trip to Shinoda Design Warehouse.  Seeing her face light up by the beautiful decor was so sweet.  She nearly filled up her mom’s phone taking pictures of absolutely everything!  We found amazing sparkly, orange butterflies to use for her party.

{All of the balloon bouquets started out the same, but the balloons kept popping!}

The butterflies were on sticks with little springs. Every time the breeze blew, the sparkly butterflies danced! It was so beautiful!

Balloon bouquets are very easy to make and much cheaper than helium. (Plus, there is a helium shortage right now.)

I just love these three colors together! Isn’t the glitter butterfly fabulous?

We used the birdcage to hold gift cards and wishes on mini cards for Miss Emma.

Flowers from Mrs. Correa, a teacher at Emma’s school.

Emma chose this beautiful rainbow butterfly. She will be hanging it in her newly re-decorated bedroom.

The butterfly gift bag was found at Target in packs of 6 for $2.99. They carried out the theme throughout the room for little cost.

The colorful, sparkly butterflies came in a pack of 8 for $13.00. Perfect for sweet little centerpieces.

Emma and friends had a great time decorating the buckets with butterfly stickers.

Paper goods came from Target.

Baby Girl and guest Prudence, writing wishes on mini cards for Emma.

Emma and Baby Girl, how CUTE are they?!?!

Our special friend, Miss Emma!

I cannot express to you how truly honored I am that Miss Emma and her mom, Leigh Anne, trusted me to create a beautiful party celebrating Emma and her recovery.  I will forever remember feeling the love, gratitude and strength that Emma and her family have shown.  It is such an honor and blessing to know them.

~Please leave a comment for Emma. I know that Emma and her family will be reading every one!~

May Emma have every wish and dream come true, ALWAYS!  Continue to reach for the stars and dream big Miss Emma!!!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Lets all go to the Drive-in!

One of our favorite family movies is Pixar’s “UP”.  I mean, how many movies have everyone sobbing within the first 20 minutes?  When we saw Mr. Gustafsson’s house it looked quite familiar to us…And we knew exactly what we had to do when the movie came out on DVD.

An “UP” Drive-In Movie Night!

We had 30 helium balloons attached to the house.  {Of course I actually wanted about 200 when I saw how it looked!}

The ladder in the background is where the projector went. Mr. Cabana has since built a permanent shelf for the projector.

The Candy Bar with “Balloon” Cupcakes.

We have a popcorn trolley that serves up the perfect movie popcorn {we purchase the popcorn in packages at Smart and Final approx. 50 packages for $30}.  We serve the popcorn in containers just like at the real movies {also purchased at Smart and Final}.  We also serve lemonade or punch in my beverage jars.

Right now we have a red cart that has seen A LOT of use!  I would love to replace it with this black one.  Someday…

Two full boxes of Tootsie Pops {Smart and Final} fit into the large apothecary jar. Chinese to-go containers are perfect for the candy.

The back side of the house between the lanterns is our movie screen.  We can fit approximately 60 movie goers and their cars chairs in our Drive-In.

As someone who LOVES to entertain, what I love about the drive-in nights is that it is a relatively inexpensive way to entertain a lot of people.  I  purchased the penny candy jars at Target, Popcorn trolley at Costco {$250}.  So other than keeping the popcorn, cups and candy stocked {we purchase candy usually only twice during the summer} we are good to go at a moments notice.

Anytime you would like to join us, you are invited!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Schools Out for Summer!

Welcome to Summertime!!!!

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and it was also my kid’s last day of school.  Buddy is now going to be a high school Freshman and Baby Girl will be in the fourth grade.{Don’t even get me started thinking about how fast time is going by with my kids!}

For the majority of my life I have lived according to a school calendar.  You know what I mean, September means new school cloths, Christmas (Winter) Break, Easter (Spring) Break…  So even though it has been many (many, many!) years since I have been a student, I think I get more just as excited by summer vacation as the kids.  The excitement begins when I see the first June bug of the year, which happened a couple of weeks ago (sometimes they do not show up until July).  There is something magical when you think of an entire summer and all of the possibilities it holds~ BBQ’s, the 4th of July, pool parties, Movie Nights, beach days…  90 days of fun and relaxation!

For the past five summers, Buddy has been a Jr. Guard at our local beach and this year Baby Girl will be joining him in the program.  I grew up spending 7 of my summers in Jr. Guards too and made life long friends.  Some of my favorite memories as a child took place at our beach with my “summer friends”. {Now many of our kids are in the program.}

I have to say that I love having my kids home over the summer and I dread them going back to school in September {but since it is the first day of summer vacation, I am not going to think about that!}.  I love our lazy days on the beach reading, watching dolphins play and just hanging out with them and our friends.

What do you love about summer and do you have a favorite memory?  I would love to hear about it!!!

I LOVE reading your comments!!!!  Nothing like writing an entry and hearing crickets!


~For the “Summer Bunting” I used 5-12×12 scrapbook paper, rope, gold computer paper.

1. Find the center of the scrapbook paper, dot it with a pencil.  On a large paper-cutter, cut paper on an angle using the dot as your guide for the tip of bottom  of the flag.  Repeat on the other side of paper to create a triangle.

2. Using a hole punch, cut two holes just on the inside edge at the top of the flag.

3. Thread the rope through the holes.

4. For the words “Summer” I used WORD.  Jokewood was the font (approx. 200 size).  Print one letter per page.

5. Attach computer sheets between the flags using a stapler (You can then re-use the bunting by just removing the letters).

I found the sand buckets at Target for $1 each and the fabulous pinwheels came from Shinoda Design Center and were $4.25 each.  The flowers in the buckets have been used in many, many projects {remember the wedding gazebo?}.

 Cheers to a magical summer spent with friends and family!!!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

The Ol’ Drive-In

Growing up, my parents only ever took us to the Drive-in to see movies.  I saw all of the classics huddled in the back of my Mom’s 1970 Pontiac LeMans with my brother.

I can still hear the sound of the gravel as the car crept to the perfect spot.  We would be bundled up in our jammies and have a paper lunch bag full of buttered popcorn and Kool-Aid in our cups.  I saw Star Wars, The Goodbye Girl (twice), Blazing Saddles (twice-we howled at the fart scene!), Bad News Bears,Close Encounters of the Third Kind…Remember, I am a child of the ’70s!

If we were really good, between the double feature, we would get to walk to the concession stand (I always chose the ice cream Bon Bons!).

It was not until the early 1990’s that I went to a walk-in with my folks for the first time.  {I had gone with friends many times before}.  Mr. Cabana and I insisted they join us to go see “Twister” in the theater.  {The surround sound in that movie was amazing.  The story?  Not so much!}

The drive-in was not only a treasured past time for my family,  but it was also an indicator if we were almost home.  Our local drive-in was just off the off ramp of the 405 Freeway in Fountain Valley.  As a kid I really never knew how far something was, but I knew as soon as I could see a movie playing at the drive-in, I was almost home.  It was a wonderful landmark of my childhood and I was heartbroken when it closed and a hospital was built on the land.

We would talk nostalgically about that old drive-in, especially once we had Buddy.  Thinking how great it would have been to take the baby with us to see a movie instead of waiting forever for it to come out on disc (yes Laser Disc, not DVD!).

About 7 years ago, Mr. Cabana had a BRILLIANT idea.    We bought a projector that we could hook-up to a DVD player.  If you remembered from my early posts about my small (but mighty!) house, I mentioned that we have a large yard {by HB standards}.  At the back of our house we have a large wall that is just the perfect movie screen.  Ta Da!!!!  Our own Drive-In Movie Nights were born!

We have had an annual Memorial Drive-In Movie Night for  many years now.  It is how we “Stay-cationers” enjoy the weekend and spring into summer.

The kids always vote on the movie we are going to “Feature”.  We have played movies like “The Sandlot”, “Cars”, “Up” and this years choice, “Lilo and Stich“.

“Welcome Theater Goers!”

Just waiting for the yummy appetizers and desserts that friends will be bringing!

The concession stand

Baby Girl’s artwork. Her Brownie troop used some of their cookie money to take an art class with Timree in Newport Beach CA.

Everyone brings a blanket and chair to watch the movie.

During the summer you will more often than not, find us with friends in the backyard enjoying movies.  So if you happen to be in Surf City this summer, stop by the ol’ Drive-In at Butterscotch Lady’s house.  Bring a chair and blanket and we’ll serve piping hot popcorn and candy!

{We’ll be wearing jammies!}

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  Congratulations to Candy Thayer!!!

She commented on my last post and will be receiving a sweet gift as a “Thank you” for my Blog having 350 followers!


We have been so busy leading our lives, like  many of you.  Running around from one thing to another, to another (and another,…) and I am just trying to keep it all together! Not sure how well I am doing {but that may be another blog for another time!}

My family always looks forward to Memorial Weekend.  Three days off from school and work, our Annual Drive-In Movie night, BBQ’s. Setting that internal clock that summer is right around the corner.

{We always fly our American flag, but this weekend I will hang our bunting on the porch railing where it will stay until the 4th of July.  There really is nothing quite a beautiful as the  Red, White and Blue waving in the summer breeze…}

This morning,  Buddy and Mr. Cabana left the house early.  Not to go off on some exciting adventure together.  They went to pay their respects to those that have given us the ultimate gift so that we may have the FREEDOM to live our lives, BBQ’s and all.

I am so PROUD of my son for taking the time to honor the Veteran’s in our local cemetery by placing flags with other Boy Scouts.  {He also led the flag ceremony for the raising of the cemetery flag. I know, I am GUSHING with pride, can’t help it!!!}

So while I have a pineapple and Malibu rum drink and watch a movie outside with friends tonight, I will also be REMEMBERING  this picture above.  It has become one of my favorites of this amazing young man in my life.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  I have been so darn busy I have not been posting as often as I would like.  So imagine my surprise when I saw a HUGE jump in Subscribers!!!


LEAVE A COMMENT about what you will be doing this weekend and you will be entered into a drawing to win  a GREAT PRIZE

to celebrate 348 Butterscotch Lady followers!!!!

                                                                      Source: thecatladyantiques.com via Maryann on Pinterest

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