Trash Day!

Happy Trash Treasure Day!

Are you wondering what in the world do I mean?  Let me explain, I am writing this blog entry Wednesday night and our trash is picked up on Thursday.  I am proud to admit that I am a trash diver.  Now, not in the “free food” type of way (yuck!).  No, I have found some amazing pieces of furniture on the side of someone’s curb waiting for the trash pick up. I have found a total of 10 solid oak chairs, a dining table with a leaf, a “buffet”, a dresser…, the list goes on!

Last summer we stumbled upon a treasure trove of chairs sitting on the curb.  Mr. Cabana left me on the side of the road to guard my FREE treasure trove while he took the kids home and took seats out of my SUV.  I always feel a little weird waiting by someone’s house with their “stuff”.  But not so weird that I won’t do it!  So Mr. Cabana loads the chairs and asks me if I also want the cabinet that is on its side.  I say no, because really, where am I going to put another piece of furniture in my less than 1,200 square foot house?

Flash forward to 1:30 am.  I have been laying awake “dreaming” of what I could do with that cabinet.  I think I have the perfect place~ outside of my living room window on the side of the house.  Yup, OUTSIDE!  But, I actually start to panic because I just KNOW someone else is going to see the potential of that piece and it will be long gone by morning.  So I do what any reasonable wife would do.  I wake Mr. Cabana up and tell him that “I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE that cabinet!”  Being the good sport that he is, he told me he would get it for me in the morning.  I told him of my “fear” and because my birthday was a couple of days later, he could do this for me as a gift.  So Mr. Wonderful Cabana, gets out of bed and drives to load the cabinet for me at 1:30 in the morning!!!

Do you see what I see? Isn’t it going to be great!!!

Mr. Cabana decided he liked the cabinet better underneath our bedroom window.  I have to admit, it is the perfect spot!

I sanded the entire cabinet with a medium grade sand paper with my electric sander.  Removed all of the dust.  Primed with Kilz Primer.  I painted two coats of  Home Depot‘s Behr brand paint in semi gloss Negro.  I then sanded the whole piece, concentrating on the edges and detail work to give it a nice distressed look.  It is going outside after all!

My MIL sewed a skirt using fabric I had been drooling over from Ballard Design’s. The Indoor/ Outdoor French Script fabric  was on sale for $14.99 per yard (x 2 yards), so I justified the purchase because it was going to “make” the piece . I purchased a cafe rod and clips from Jo-Ann‘s for approx. $15.

What do you think?  Not bad for FREE, right? Isn’t it fabulous?!?  I now have storage for all of my glass apothecary and candy jars. I still plan on purchasing a piece of glass for the top when the budget allows.  For now, it is pretty protected from the elements because it is under our house eaves.  This is another reason I love living in Huntington Beach, I can have furniture outside!!!

Well, I have to run.  It’s Wednesday trash night after all…

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

Hail & Water(marks) Everywhere!


We actually had some exciting weather today!  For the first time in many years, it hailed here in Surf City.  How funny is it that Mr. Cabana (Hubby is trying out this name for the blog!) and I are running around the house looking for a camera to take pictures of the hail?  Seriously, even I know how ridiculous that is!  Of course as soon as the hail started, it ended.  I did take pictures but the hail was so small and melting rather quickly with the pouring rain, that the pics are laughable for  my Northern friends!

Due to our “weather system” we had today, I thought I would post one of our favorite picture “stories” from a couple of years ago.

The “aren’t we adorable and loving siblings” picture.

The “I don’t think anyone is watching me” picture!

Let that be a lesson learned, NEVER turn your back on Baby Girl when snow balls are involved!

While this weather was “hitting” us, I was very busy watermarking pictures.  And  more pictures.  And more pictures.  OMG!  My dad has always said I take a million pictures.  I think he may just be right!  (Shhh!  Do Not Tell him I said that!!!).

I think in the back of my mind I always knew I would start a blog as a way to share my love of design and entertaining.  So needless to say, I have quite a large backlog of pictures to share with you.

I was ill last week so what did the Dr. order?  Lots of rest, liquids and Pinning!!!!  I have added more amazing pins to my boards that I plan on sharing soon.  I also plan on actually doing many of the great things I found.    Have you made anything from Pinterest yet?  I would love to see what you have done, send me a picture and I will add it to a future post!

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

A Simple & Sweet Welcome for Out-of-Town Guests

A few weeks ago I was at a birthday party for my friend’s granddaughter.  I was talking with a couple while we ate dinner and they were telling me that they were hosting a birthday party for the gentleman’s father’s 80th birthday the next weekend.

If  you know me, than you know I wanted the details~ color scheme, food served, cake, decorations…It was a cowboy theme with BBQ, red and white gingham, bales of hay, pie tins for plates (LOVE that idea!), mason jars for glasses (you know I LOVE using them!).  They really had thought of just about everything…

I asked if they had guests coming in from out-of-town and the answer was “Yes, they are staying at a local hotel.”  My next question?  Had they thought of having gift bags at the hotel for when their guests arrived?  Their answer was no, they had never thought of that.  So of course I start talking about all of the great things they could give their guests upon arrival.

Well, one thing led to another and they hired me to make 12 bags for their guests. As with most things I do, I had a limited budget of $84 for all of the gift bags.  In case you are like me and are challenged in the math department, that comes out to be $7 per gift bag.

 {The Supplies}

A pack of 13 craft gift bags from Michael’s ($4 with a 50% off coupon), photo paper, brown card stock, 2 yards of red and white gingham fabric from Jo-Ann’s ($4 with 50% off coupon) using fabric was less expensive than spools of ribbon, and my favorite glue stick by that “Martha” lady.

{The Goodies}

My favorite crackers from Trader Joe’s “Roasted Gorgonzola” ($1.99), Trader Joe’s wine ($1.99), and Ferrero Roche chocolates (box of 12 for $12 at Smart & Final)

~The final product~

Very simple and inexpensive ($6.15 per bag), yet it will let the guests know that they are appreciated for traveling for the party and that they can look forward to a wonderful weekend.  And who doesn’t love snacks in their hotel room after a party?

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  Yes, I also made gift bags for Miss Irene’s guests for her 90th birthday, but whoops~ I forgot to take pictures!

90 Birthday Candles

Before I get started, did you all watch Timree on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” Tuesday night?  Wasn’t she fabulous?!?!  And she maintained her composure when Vickie (or as some might say, “Ickie”) was so rude regarding her name.  Yes, Vickie, Timree is a REAL name for a REAL lady!  Timree has been receiving emails from all over the country and she surpassed 1,000 likes on her Facebook page.  CONGRATULATIONS Timree!!!


It is not everyday that you know someone who has reached the milestone of 90 years old.  I have a great friend Gail, and her mom, Miss Irene, turned 90 years old last month.  In honor of her 9th decade, Gail and her family hosted a beautiful party in Irene’s honor.  It was my pleasure to help Gail style the room for the many friends and family members that had travelled from as far away as Scotland to attend.

Renee, Kevin, Bret, Irene~the birthday girl and Gail

The colors for the party were red, white and black.  About 100 people were expected to attend the party and we knew that the room was not big enough to try and have a seat for everyone.   One of my go to options for parties it to rent pub tables.  People can stand around them to eat and drink and they do not take as much floor space as a table with chairs would.

As many of you know, I do not believe that you have to spend a lot of money on decor to make a party fabulous.  Gail borrowed glass bowls and mirrors for the centerpieces and I purchased shredded black paper ($8  for 1 bag) and rosette balls ($2.95 each).  The artificial rose petals were donated by a florist friend of Gail’s.

Centerpieces for the tables. I turned the bowl filled with black shredded paper upside down onto the mirror.

Miss Irene has a big sweet tooth, so I just knew she had to have a candy dessert bar.  And who doesn’t love their name in glitter?  (Do you recognize the boards?  They are the same boards I used for Baby Girl’s Valentine party pennant.)

All of the jars were filled with red, pink, white and silver candy.

Gail made labels for these little cups for the candy bar.  They were the perfect size for the treats.  She found them at  Smart & Final.

And it surely would not be a birthday party without a cake and cupcakes! The piano theme was in honor of Irene’s lifelong passion for singing.

Gail’s friend Jill Pinson was the fabulous baker that made the cake and cupcakes. Can you believe she does this as a hobby? I would hire her anytime!

The cupcakes were absolutely GORGEOUS and delicious!

Irene has made picture collages for many years of family and friends. They were perfect for creating a personal touch to her party.  Everyone enjoyed looking back over the years of happy (and younger!) times together! I always try to use pictures at parties.  The guests feel special when they spot themselves in a picture at the party.  Plus, they are a great conversation starter if you happen to be hosting a group of people who may not know one another. Lastly, they are an inexpensive way to add high impact.

I just want to say “Thank You” to Gail, her family and most especially Miss Irene, for allowing me to help create a memorable 90th birthday party for her.  I can’t wait to plan her 100th!!!

HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY IRENE LILLY!!!  And may you have  many, many more!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Our Favorite Artist~ Timree!

Happy Tuesday!

I have been waiting for tonight all week.  Why, you ask?  I am going to admit that I watch “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo and tonight my most favorite artist and her studio are going to be “featured”!  That’s right ladies and gents!  Those “quirky” ladies from Orange County (as a local, I just absolutely REFUSE to say ‘the OC”) will be having a party on tonight’s episode at Timree’s cutest little Art Studio in Newport Beach, CA.

I would like to introduce the NEWLY(it just happened this past Saturday!) engaged


Timree Gold

Baby Girl just LOVES Miss Timree!

As you are probably aware (at least I hope you are!) Timree is the FANTASTIC artist that painted the mural in our playhouse.

Her studio is located at:

 Timree sells hand-painted canvas’, dishes, stationary, jewelry and much more!  But my most favorite thing that she does is art classes!  Timree was so sweet to invite Baby Girl and me to a Valentine class a couple of weeks ago. Come on in and join us…

Baby Girl ALWAYS stops on this step for a quick wish.

 Ok, who am I kidding, SO DO I!

How cute is this entrance?  You just know magical things are going to happen inside.




Ta Da!  Baby Girl’s finished canvas.


Baby Girl’s “Hot Chocolate & Cupcake” Valentine party

Don’t our pictures look great displayed?


Timree offers~  After school classes, Girl’s Night Out, Paint Parties, Private Lessons.  Timree is also offering Summer Camps go to: Paint Parties / Classes | Timree.

One of these days I am going to plan a Girl’s Night Out at Timree’s.  Who’s in?!?

Don’t forget to check “The Real Housewives of Orange County” tonight.  According to Timree all of the ladies behaved and there were no flipped tables or paint fights…

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

Let’s Party (Again!)

My dear friend Tracy from “Photographs by Tracy” came to Baby Girl’s “Hot Chocolate & Cupcakes Valentine” party to snap some pictures for me.  What a difference to have a professional take pictures of my styling!  I wish I had her in my back pocket everywhere I go!

My MOST favorite stand. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with sparkles!

The black and white photo on the left side of the picture is of my great-great grandmother having a tea party with my beloved grandmother, Evelyn and her sister.

I cut up the wrapping paper I found at Paper Source and attached the picture to card board with a scalloped edge I found at Michael’s. I used fabric tape i also found at Paper Source. I LOVE fabric tape!!! The tag hanging on the left side came from a $1 packet of tags I found at Jo-Ann’s.

My $2 fluted ice cream glass that I love.

My canvas from Timree Gold’s art class. The fabric underneath the picture is an old Christmas dress of Baby Girl’s.

Baby Girl’s favorite~Red Velvet cupcakes and my childhood favorite, Strawberry!

I adore this picture! Baby Girl’s artwork from Timree Gold’s art class is in the background. Isn’t it fantastic? To left is a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade. I serve it at just about all of my parties {great label, it is pink, yummy and only $2.99} I also have a “small” obsession with cake stands; isn’t the cupcake covered stand fabulous?

This was Baby Girl’s hat for the soiree. She is a HUGE animal lover and just had to have the dog picture.

One of my “sweet” jars.

Whenever I see party pictures, especially on Pinterest, I ALWAYS want to know how much was spent.  {Maybe because I always seem to be doing parties on a rather tight budget!}  Is anyone else nosy about the “economics” of throwing a beautiful looking party?

Because we are all friends here, I am going to tell you what I spent.

  • Invitations~ approx. $3.  I printed the invite at home on photo paper {the best paper for invites, birthday cards, tags…}.   The envelopes were left over from our Christmas cards.
  • Party hats~ $2 for 16 hats
  • Decor for hats~ $3.  I printed the pictures on my printer and glued them to 2 sheets of sparkle paper I had {found it at Michael’s for $1 each clearance} I had the pink shear ribbon {approx. $4}, paint $0
  • $19 at Paper Source {I had a $20 gift card- so FREE for me!}.  I bought 1 sheet of wrapping paper $3.75, paper tape $6.95, red and white Baker’s twine $7.95 {I ended up not using any}
  • Garland~ wrapping paper, paper tape and card board {5 pack at Michael’s $1}, I had the strawberry and chocolate garland.
  • Table “Cloth”~ Book pages from “Pride & Prejudice” dinner party {book was $7 and I still have pages left to use for another project!}, tags $1, wrapping paper cut outs, printed family vintage pictures at home $4


  • Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade~ $2.99
  • Hot Chocolate {my own mix we had}~ approx. $5
  • Red Velvet cake mix~ $1.50
  • Strawberry cake mix~ $2 FREE {part of a Hostess gift I received at my Book Club dinner party}
  • Cupcake liners~ $1 FREE {see above!}
  • Frosting~ 4 egg whites, 1 cup sugar, 1 pinch salt, 1 tsp vanilla, food coloring $3 ?
  • Red and White mints~ $FREE {left over from a candy dessert table} Thanks Gail!
  • Chocolate Lemon cookies from Trader Joe’s, brought by a guest {in a glass jar}
  • Coconut Malt balls~$3 {in a glass jar}
  • Black and white straws~ $4 for a 20 pack {Shop Sweet Lulu} These were left over from Baby Girl’s birthday party last year.
  • Candy hearts~$1
  • Pink wafer cookies~ $1
  • TOTAL COST $58.49 {I added in the FREE amounts I would have spent}
  • OUT OF POCKET COST for ME~$22.99

I have been collecting hostess items for years, so that helps when I am entertaining not to have to buy a lot of new pieces.  The plates, large cupcake holder, small domed cake stand came from Home Goods.  Set of three jars came from Shinoda’s.  Tea cups given to Baby Girl by one of my besties, Pam R.  Mason jars from Smart & Final.

I hope you enjoyed “coming” to Baby Girl’s party.

You were wonderful guests and will be welcomed back anytime with open arms…

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

The Cutest Artist~Ever!

First I have an announcement~ My son has decided to be referred to here on my blog as “Buddy”.  Baby Girl could not say his name when she was a baby so she started calling him “Buddy” and it stuck.  I love that he chose a name that reminds me of when my kids were little and actually played with one another!

My husband is still undecided.  Personally, I am thinking “Cabana Boy”… :0)


This past Saturday Baby Girl and I were special guests at artist Timree Gold’s ADORABLE      art studio in Newport Beach. I have known Timree for years, actually I knew her when her  mom was pregnant with her!  Her mom Teddi was my Girl Scout Leader and our parents have been friends for nearly 35 years.  Our moms now “Do Lunch” with a group of ladies they have been friends with since my elementary school PTO days(Go Burke Bears!).

Timree comes from very talented parents.  Her dad Tom’s Christmas tree decorations were gorgeous. I still remember that during the Iran Hostage crisis, he wrapped and displayed a gift for each hostage in their front yard.  Teddi is amazing at throwing parties and her gifts are always wrapped beautifully!  I have to admit if I know she is coming to one of my parties, I feel just a little added pressure to impress!

If you have noticed the mural in pictures of our playhouse, Timree is the amazing artist that painted it.  In one day!!!

I loved that Timree painted a “little something” that represented what the kids loved at the time. Buddy loved (and still does!) Star Wars so he had to have his own light sabre. He was also reading the Harry Potter books so they are painted just to the right of Baby Girl’s purse. She was very much into the princess stage and “My Little Pony”.

I loved the look of the black & white floor tile (I laid it all by myself!), but the laminate flooring we laid last year is SO much easier to keep clean!

Look how little my kids were! Hard to believe Buddy is now taller than my Hubby and me.  And Baby Girl with that crown? I just want to scoop her up and nuzzle her neck…

Ta Da!!!


Timree is having the OC Housewives in her studio and will be on

The Real Housewives of Orange County” next Tuesday!!!

I got to hear some of the details Saturday


Come back next time and I will show you the pictures from Baby Girl’s and my art class with the Famous Timree Gold!

Until next time,

 Butterscotch Lady

{Leave a comment and let me know if you will be watching the Housewives on Tuesday. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you watch that show too!}

A Hot Chocolate & Cupcake Valentine Party

You are Cordially Invited to

Baby Girl’s

Hot Chocolate & Cupcakes Valentine Party

Hand painted party hats for each guest and their American Girl doll.

A little party favor to take home.

Marshmallow frosting recipe I found on Pinterest. Yummy!

I have had the strawberry garland (above the bay window) for years and finally “dressed” it up with

Valentine wrapping paper I found at Paper Source.

Cupcakes had not been put on the tiered holder yet.

Baby girl and her American Girl doll “Natalie”

I have posted only a few pictures from the party because my dear friend Tracy from “Photographs by Tracy” took pictures of the party for me.  I know her pictures will be amazing compared to the pictures I took.  Plus, with all of the rushing around I was doing I did not take any pictures once the cupcakes were in place and a bit more of styling I did.  Care to see the pictures of the playhouse just two hours before the girls arrived?  At least my hair wasn’t in a towel when the other moms showed up!

I will be posting more pictures from Baby Girl’s party very soon.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Butterscotch Lady

Over 800 hits on my new blog?!?!?!?  I am beyond excited!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out.  Don’t forget to sign up to follow Butterscotch Lady.  I can’t wait to share with you what I will be giving away as soon as I have 100 EMAIL subscribers.  I would love to hear what you have to say, so please leave a comment if you have stopped by.  The drawing will be for people that have left comments (how else do I know you have stopped by?).

In honor of Baby Girl selling Girl Scout cookies (this is her table for in front of our house), I thought I would post a card I found in Downtown Orange last week.

“Inside me lives a a skinny woman crying to get out…

but I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies!”

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Love to hear from you!

Over 800 hits on my new blog?!?!?!?  I am beyond excited!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out.  Don’t forget to sign up to follow Butterscotch Lady.  I can’t wait to share with you what I will be giving away as soon as I have 100 EMAIL subscribers.  I would love to hear what you have to say, so please leave a comment if you have stopped by.  The drawing will be for people that have left comments (how else do I know you have stopped by?).

In honor of Baby Girl selling Girl Scout cookies (this is her table for in front of our house), I thought I would post a card I found in Downtown Orange last week.

“Inside me lives a a skinny woman crying to get out…

but I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies!”

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Card info:

Trash Talk by Annie

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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