A Simple & Sweet Welcome for Out-of-Town Guests

A few weeks ago I was at a birthday party for my friend’s granddaughter.  I was talking with a couple while we ate dinner and they were telling me that they were hosting a birthday party for the gentleman’s father’s 80th birthday the next weekend.

If  you know me, than you know I wanted the details~ color scheme, food served, cake, decorations…It was a cowboy theme with BBQ, red and white gingham, bales of hay, pie tins for plates (LOVE that idea!), mason jars for glasses (you know I LOVE using them!).  They really had thought of just about everything…

I asked if they had guests coming in from out-of-town and the answer was “Yes, they are staying at a local hotel.”  My next question?  Had they thought of having gift bags at the hotel for when their guests arrived?  Their answer was no, they had never thought of that.  So of course I start talking about all of the great things they could give their guests upon arrival.

Well, one thing led to another and they hired me to make 12 bags for their guests. As with most things I do, I had a limited budget of $84 for all of the gift bags.  In case you are like me and are challenged in the math department, that comes out to be $7 per gift bag.

 {The Supplies}

A pack of 13 craft gift bags from Michael’s ($4 with a 50% off coupon), photo paper, brown card stock, 2 yards of red and white gingham fabric from Jo-Ann’s ($4 with 50% off coupon) using fabric was less expensive than spools of ribbon, and my favorite glue stick by that “Martha” lady.

{The Goodies}

My favorite crackers from Trader Joe’s “Roasted Gorgonzola” ($1.99), Trader Joe’s wine ($1.99), and Ferrero Roche chocolates (box of 12 for $12 at Smart & Final)

~The final product~

Very simple and inexpensive ($6.15 per bag), yet it will let the guests know that they are appreciated for traveling for the party and that they can look forward to a wonderful weekend.  And who doesn’t love snacks in their hotel room after a party?

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  Yes, I also made gift bags for Miss Irene’s guests for her 90th birthday, but whoops~ I forgot to take pictures!


  1. Yes, you certainly did make those bags for my mom’s guests from around the world! I splurged on Blackstone wine ($5.99 bottle since I can’t “swallow” 2-buck-Chuck!) and gave Wendy a bunch of miniature candy bars, some giveaway items from my girlfriend who works for Visit Newport Beach (thanks, Bette!!), a map of the Newport Beach area and nearby attractions, a laminated map with directions to the party location (and to our house) from each of the hotels (including cell phone numbers to reach us!), and Wendy made the bags look adorable!! I delivered them to the front desks at the various hotels and they were happy to provide the bags to each guest upon their arrival, and they all felt so special! Truly a treat!

  2. Kimberly V-M says:

    Those were SO perfect for the party! The host delivered them to the front desk of the hotel the day before the event. Each guest was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with such a warm and welcoming goodie bag as they checked in! Great work, Butterscotch Lady!!

  3. Kimberly V-M says:

    BTW, only the Butterscotch Lady can make a 2 Buck Chuck look like a million bucks on a host with a tight budget! ;)))

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