Easy and Nearly FREE Easter Centerpiece

Baby Girl and I found some fantastic sticks last week on a walk with Mr. Cabana and our dog at our local park.  I was not too sure what I would do with them, but hey, they were free and we all know I love FREE!

Baby Girl had a craft at her class party yesterday where they made little “blossoms” out of square of tissue paper and then glued them onto a tree they had drawn on a white craft bag.

After her party, I happened to pop into Pier 1 Imports while I was shopping for an Easter shirt for Buddy at Old Navy.  (Yea!  He approves of my purchase!)  Anyway, Pier 1’s Easter items are 25% off so I thought I would check out what they had.  Oh my!  They have the cutest white ceramic bunnies on a lavender ribbon for $1.46 each.

Inspiration struck like lightning~ The bunnies, the free branches and the free leftover tissue paper squares…

All I needed was:

A bowl, floral foam, bricks, moss filler, branches, zip tie, hot glue, tissue paper, glitter glue and five bunnies.

I used an inexpensive bowl ($3.95), filled it with floral foam, put two small pieces of brick on top of foam to give it weight.  Next I zip tied the branches together and stuck into the floral foam.  I then covered the foam and bricks with moss and hung the bunnies from the branches.

Baby Girl made the “blossoms” for me while I hot glued them onto the branches.  As a guide I glued the blossoms where-ever there was a little “nub” (spot where a real blossom would have come out had the branch not been a dried out twig!).

Once the blossoms were blooming, I added a little dot of glitter glue to a petal.  I believe you can never go wrong with glitter!

Sorry for the blurry picture. But, you get the idea about the glitter, right?

So here is our Easter center piece that cost about $6 and that was only because I had to have the cute bunnies!  The best part?  Baby Girl and I only spent a 1/2 hour on this centerpiece.  Which is great because we still have eggs to color, flowers to plant, house to clean, laundry to fold, shortcakes to make…

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


  1. Shannon Titus says:

    Love the way the branches turned out! They blossomed into quite the adorable centerpiece ;o)

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