“An Honor Just to Be Nominated!”

Thank you to “ipinterest” for nominating me for a Kreative Blogger Award!  I have to admit that as the Oscar nominee’s always say, “It really is an honor just to be nominated!”  It makes me feel great that other’s from the “blogging world” are enjoying “Butterscocth Lady”.

This foray into the blogging community has been such a new adventure for me and one that I am still learning so much about.  I have slowly started to learn about linking things back to my page, coding, watermarking pictures…The list goes on and on!  I have to admit that there are many tweaks I would like to add to my blog (a “grab button” that others can add to their blog pages, a section to add grab buttons on my page…).  The learning curve (Everest in my opinion!) is never ending and I so appreciate you, my readers, joining me a few times each week to “sit, chat and share”.

I told you in my very first blog entry that you were in on the very beginning, the ground floor so to speak.  I hope you are enjoying the pictures, decorating and entertaining ideas and the anecdotes of my life with Mr. Cabana, Buddy and Baby Girl.  My family now loves to say to me, “Oh!  Put THAT on your blog!!!”

Source: google.com via Lea on Pinterest

Here is an example:

We were having Sunday night dinner at my parent’s house the other night.  We are all sitting around the dinner table and an article in the Travel section from the OC Register about the Titanic 100th Anniversary was brought up in conversation.

The article had interesting details about how many little things added to the tragedy.  One detail mentioned was that there was no moon that fateful night.  Baby Girl in a very smug manner said, “They should have turned on more lights to see the icebergs!”  When we told her that this was 100 years ago, she basically said that was no excuse!  Boy, how she keeps us on our toes!

I LOVE reading your comments on my blog!  Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just say “Hi!”

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

P.S. I love this wreath!  Wished I had been saving ribbons…

P.P.S. As soon as I have 100 email subscribers (not counting my FB followers) I will be having a great “Give Away” as a thank you for your support and encouragement.


  1. you deserve it!!!

  2. Pam Elparin says:

    Congratulations Wendy. Love your blog.


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