Lets all go to the Drive-in!

One of our favorite family movies is Pixar’s “UP”.  I mean, how many movies have everyone sobbing within the first 20 minutes?  When we saw Mr. Gustafsson’s house it looked quite familiar to us…And we knew exactly what we had to do when the movie came out on DVD.

An “UP” Drive-In Movie Night!

We had 30 helium balloons attached to the house.  {Of course I actually wanted about 200 when I saw how it looked!}

The ladder in the background is where the projector went. Mr. Cabana has since built a permanent shelf for the projector.

The Candy Bar with “Balloon” Cupcakes.

We have a popcorn trolley that serves up the perfect movie popcorn {we purchase the popcorn in packages at Smart and Final approx. 50 packages for $30}.  We serve the popcorn in containers just like at the real movies {also purchased at Smart and Final}.  We also serve lemonade or punch in my beverage jars.

Right now we have a red cart that has seen A LOT of use!  I would love to replace it with this black one.  Someday…

Two full boxes of Tootsie Pops {Smart and Final} fit into the large apothecary jar. Chinese to-go containers are perfect for the candy.

The back side of the house between the lanterns is our movie screen.  We can fit approximately 60 movie goers and their cars chairs in our Drive-In.

As someone who LOVES to entertain, what I love about the drive-in nights is that it is a relatively inexpensive way to entertain a lot of people.  I  purchased the penny candy jars at Target, Popcorn trolley at Costco {$250}.  So other than keeping the popcorn, cups and candy stocked {we purchase candy usually only twice during the summer} we are good to go at a moments notice.

Anytime you would like to join us, you are invited!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


  1. I’ve been to your ‘Drive In’ several times and had a blast! Such a great idea!

  2. Jill Hardy says:

    Love your balloon cupcakes! They would have looked great at my daughter’s “bubble party” last month. I was inspired to have fun being creative and budget conscious by your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and stories!

  3. Krista N. says:

    Wendy, you have such a special knack for the little details that make events so memorable. Those cupcakes are too cute!! And you’re right… the playhouse with the balloons tied on is straight from “Up”. You’re amazing!

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