Anchors Away!

Anchors Away!.

Anchors Away!

This past June Buddy’s 3rd grade teacher retired after teaching for nearly 20 years.  We love Mrs. Setterquist and it will be such a loss for the school!!!  Before she taught, she was a PTO mom like me and she was an incredible mentor and sounding board for me and I will truly miss her on campus.

Mrs. Setterquist and Buddy 2009

So of course for every change in life, one must throw a party to celebrate and that is exactly what we did!

Mrs. Setterquist wanted a beach theme with bright colors, an ice cream sundae station and a dessert bar.  She is quite the traveler so the theme of “Anchors Away” was the perfect choice!  (Thanks Miss Nilsen!) Our main colors were hot pink and apple green.

The party was held in the lunch area of the elementary school, so I knew having a sundae station would be tricky.  We were expecting approximately 120 people and scooping ice cream for that many people made my hands cramp up just at the thought!

Not wanting to disappoint the special lady, we used Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches placed into plastic to-go containers from Smart and Final.


Each container had a round sticker that read~

Anchors Away!

Make an Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae

*****BOO!!!  No pictures to show you!*****

I created the round stickers on


 Mr. Cabana and I created the balloon bouquets.  We used an air compressor to blow up the balloons and curling ribbon to tie the balloons onto.  We used 3 of each color (pink, green and yellow) for the bouquets.

1.Cut a piece of curling ribbon approx. 5 feet, fold in half.  (I used white)

2. Starting with the middle of the ribbon, using an already blown up, knotted balloon, knot the balloon onto the ribbon.

3. Using a different color, knot it onto the balloon right next to the 1st balloon.  Repeat the process, keeping the balloons very tight together.

4.  You should have 2 “tails” of ribbon once all of the balloon are attached.  I used the strings to tie onto the poles.

The balloons slide on the ribbon quite easily to move the balloons along.  You can adjust the balloons around one another to keep the colors spaced out.

{The cream cabinet was a freebie that a neighbor gave me.  See the transformation in a future blog.}

I really wish I had more pictures to post from this party, but I was working up until the last-minute!  Everyone had a fabulous time and we sent Mrs. Setterquist into retirement in style!!!

Thank you to my “Teacher Committee”~

Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Crandall, Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Mastropaolo, Miss Nilsen

and to my parent volunteers~

Mrs. Booji, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Cross

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Emma’s SURVIVOR Party!

~Last Saturday I had the great honor to style a very special party for a MAGICAL little girl, Emma.  Emma is going into the 2nd grade at Baby Girl’s school and that is where we originally heard her story.

Emma will be starting the 2nd grade in September.

Almost 2 1/2 years ago (pre-school) Emma’s Mom found a lump on Emma’s head.  After several anxious tests,  every parent’s worst fear came true for the family.  Emma was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The family started the very long road of treatment at CHOC Hospital (Children’s Hospital of Orange County).

Just a couple of weeks ago, Emma’s long road to recovery was completed when she took her very last steroid treatment and  her last chemo pills (using a Waterford glass no less!).  She has finally been given a clean bill of health and it is time to celebrate!!!

Emma’s mom, Leigh Anne, told me that orange is the color of Leukemia and I just immediately imagined butterflies everywhere.  After all, Emma had just emerged from a cocoon with beautiful blond curly hair!

We took Emma on a field trip to Shinoda Design Warehouse.  Seeing her face light up by the beautiful decor was so sweet.  She nearly filled up her mom’s phone taking pictures of absolutely everything!  We found amazing sparkly, orange butterflies to use for her party.

{All of the balloon bouquets started out the same, but the balloons kept popping!}

The butterflies were on sticks with little springs. Every time the breeze blew, the sparkly butterflies danced! It was so beautiful!

Balloon bouquets are very easy to make and much cheaper than helium. (Plus, there is a helium shortage right now.)

I just love these three colors together! Isn’t the glitter butterfly fabulous?

We used the birdcage to hold gift cards and wishes on mini cards for Miss Emma.

Flowers from Mrs. Correa, a teacher at Emma’s school.

Emma chose this beautiful rainbow butterfly. She will be hanging it in her newly re-decorated bedroom.

The butterfly gift bag was found at Target in packs of 6 for $2.99. They carried out the theme throughout the room for little cost.

The colorful, sparkly butterflies came in a pack of 8 for $13.00. Perfect for sweet little centerpieces.

Emma and friends had a great time decorating the buckets with butterfly stickers.

Paper goods came from Target.

Baby Girl and guest Prudence, writing wishes on mini cards for Emma.

Emma and Baby Girl, how CUTE are they?!?!

Our special friend, Miss Emma!

I cannot express to you how truly honored I am that Miss Emma and her mom, Leigh Anne, trusted me to create a beautiful party celebrating Emma and her recovery.  I will forever remember feeling the love, gratitude and strength that Emma and her family have shown.  It is such an honor and blessing to know them.

~Please leave a comment for Emma. I know that Emma and her family will be reading every one!~

May Emma have every wish and dream come true, ALWAYS!  Continue to reach for the stars and dream big Miss Emma!!!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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