Oh My Gosh, the Wait is Over!!!!

It is not often that I am excited about yet another store coming to Surf City.  We have strip mall after strip mall after…You get the idea.   We have A LOT of shopping opportunities here.  I am a woman who likes to throw fab parties and decorate, so obviously I like to shop. But many of the shops seem to carry what the other shops already carry.

I think I have been pretty honest with my “obsession” with Pinterest.  Funny, I don’t know why I feel the need to put “obsession” in quotes.  I may have a problem I need to look deeper into.  But not now (= denial)…Pinterest is really, for me the greatest thing since sliced bread, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and spray paint, all rolled into one.  The pics are beautiful, inspiring and frustrating!

Wait, what????  Frustrating? For me, yes.  You see I have been following blogs for quite some time and have been on Pinterest for almost two years and the common thread that I have found to be so frustrating?

(I have heard “they” have an amazing assortment of knobs.)

Each time I would find a fabulous craft that I just had to make, I would scour the supply list to see over and over (and over…) one name.  Not Michael’s and not Jo Anns, my two local craft stores. But…

There I said it.  Hobby Lobby has practically taunted me over the years.  “Ooohhhh, look what I have to make X, Y and Z!  Oh, but wait, sorry YOU can’t shop here!”  It was just plain mean!  Ok, maybe I am being a tad dramatic (I think Buddy is rubbing off on me as he is in rehearsal for two plays right now). But still, it was so maddening!

Alas, dreams do come true!!!  This past Friday, the much-anticipated store opened (Soft opening?  WHAT is that anyway?!?) and I am heading there later this morning.  I feel like I am headed to Craft Mecca (too dramatic again?  sorry…).

From their add in the local paper (Thanks for telling me about it Sachi!) they have everything. I did not know they even carried furniture!  Since I am heading there to shop, err, I mean browse today; I sure hope I haven’t been too excited about Hobby Lobby and they end up having the same stuff as everyone else. That would be truly, seriously disappointing (I know. Too dramatic.  Again.).

Baby Girl is also very excited to go.  But I think it is best that I go on a Reconnaissance Mission without her first.  It will be safer for the both of us (and my wallet).

I better get going so that I can finish my morning chores and then off to Hobby Lobby to shop, I mean BROWSE without any guilt of dishes in the sink, beds unmade, dog unfed…  My life is SOO glamorous!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


  1. I’m so excited,too! can’t wait to hear your report!!!

  2. Jennifer Ellingboe says:

    Hahaha! That was a good one Wendy:)

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