Baby Girl’s 11th Birthday Party

Difficult to believe but Baby Girl just celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday!

 I can’t believe that the baby we wished for, for soooo long, is 11 years old!!!  Where did the time go?  Time keeps moving so quickly and without my permission.

I wish there was a “pause” button so I could just sit within a moment and really, really take it all in.

It seems like yesterday that I asked my grandmother what her favorite time in her life had been.  She was in her 80’s and she was looking back over her life and she answered, “When the girls were little (my mom and aunt)”.

I took what she said to heart and have thought of it often when I would be feeding Baby Girl in the middle of the night.  It would be just her and I sitting in her nursery and I would try to memorize everything about those nights; the smell of her hair, neck, the way she would gaze at me with half sleepy eyes…

My beloved Gigi has been gone now for nearly ten years and my sweet Baby Girl is now 11 years old…

As a way to celebrate the passage of time, we always have a birthday party for the kids.  Sometimes big, sometimes small, but always on a budget!

This year was no different, except now we are entertaining ‘tween girls!  Baby Girl has an amazing cirle of friends and she could not wait to celebrate with them!

 We had 12 girls over for a “Pool Slumber Party”!

{Our beautiful birthday girl!}

{Our beautiful birthday girl!  The party was at my parent’s home because they are totally cool and they have a pool!}

I made the bunting on my computer and had it printed at my local print shop, Copy4Less.  I had about 60 color copies printed, cut and drilled (2 holes at the top) for less than $40.  A lot of bang for my buck, if I do say so myself!






{I was shopping for a client when I found this stand. You know me, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! It was just $40 at Home Goods}






{I have had these acrylic plates for years and I never get tired of usung them!  One of the few purchases I have ever made at Walmart. (I am a Target girl...}

{I have had these acrylic plates for years and I never get tired of using them! One of the few purchases I have ever made at Walmart. (I am a Target girl…}


{A sweet dessert bar}

{A sweet dessert bar}

{Inexpensive desserts~ Twinkies, Swiss Rolls.  Perfect for a sweet tooth!}

{Inexpensive desserts~ Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, Oreos. Perfect for a sweet tooth!}

{Costco mini brownies.  They are cute and yummy!}

{Costco mini brownies. They are cute and yummy!}

{Red velvet cake from Costco.  Yummy and only $9.99!}

{Baby Girl’s favorite ~Red velvet cake from Costco. Delicious and only $9.99!}

{The Party Girls!}

{The Party Girls!}

I am not usually  a “dump a bag of chips in a bowl and order a pizza” kinda gal, but that is pretty much what I did this year.

{Usually Baby Girl wants a “dinner party” with steak, potatoes, salad… Pizza is so much easier! 😉 }

I have to say, all of you Moms that have been doing that for years, YOU ARE REALLY, REALLY SMART!!!

It felt like hitting the “pause” button and I could just enjoy the party and watching my Baby Girl have the time of her life!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


The entire party cost less than $190 (including my adorable black stand).  Not too bad for feeding 12 hungry girls dinner and breakfast!

Printing $36

Chips- $10

Pizza $40

Desserts $30


Waffles {Bisquick} – In my pantry

Bacon- In my freezer

Paper Straws $10

Black Stand $40

Party favor {Pink Pool Noodle} 12 for $1 each

***I had the mason jars, plates, lemonade, scrapbook paper, ribbon, linens, starfish and dessert stands***

Come On In and Make Yourself at Home!

If you have been following Butterscotch Lady since the beginning or have read my older posts, then you will know that we have a very small house (1,176 sq ft to be precise!).  With 3 adults (Buddy is now 16 and 6’1 so he counts as an adult!) a tween and a black lab, it doesn’t leave much room for overnight guests.

But that did not stop me from begging my friend Deborah from Canada to come stay with us for a visit.  But the question was, “Where are we going to have her sleep?  We could move Baby Girl to our room, the living room, they can share BG’s room…Deborah was coming hee for a vacation after all!  (Oh, and stay within a tight budget!)

You can see our dilemma, right?

{I have decorated guest rooms for clients in that past and I had always wanted to create one in our home.  I just figured it would have to wait until one of our little birds flew from the nest for me to create one.}

It was in a moment of inspiration (no, not desperation! ) that I just knew what we were going to do!

The playhouse!!!!

It is perfect~ 125 square feet of pure cuteness! (or at least it will be!)

So here was the plan~

My folks have a trundle-bed  that we brought over and we switched Baby Girl’s (much better) mattress for the trundle mattress (she’s young, she can handle a less than comfy mattress for a few days!).  The playhouse windows did not have any window coverings and with the bay window facing east, would not be conducive to sleeping in.  I happened to have an Ikea catalog (you just never know when it may come in handy!) and came across inexpensive blackout roller blinds.  I also found the perfect rug for the laminate floor.  My girlfriends pitched in with a lovely black comforter (Thanks Satchi!) and sheets with hearts all over them and pillows (Thanks Lilly and Shannon!).

I shopped for some yummy treats for the “mini bar”, hung up a robe and voila!

“The Playhouse Cottage Inn” was opened for business!

Come on in and make your self at home…

"The Playhouse Cottage Inn"

“The Playhouse Cottage Inn”


{The Inn’s front porch}

The Inn books quickly!

The Inn books quickly!



{The Playhouse Cottage Inn Suite}


{The penny jars on the dresser are filled with toiletries in one and chocolate in the other. Both are necessities!}


{An alarm clock and fresh flowers are perfect for a guest’s nightstand}

I framed a picture of Deborah and our "Friday Breakfast club" members.

{I framed a picture of Deborah and our “Friday Breakfast club” members so she could wake up to our smiling faces!}     Frame and clock from Ikea.



{The suite’s mini bar}

{Sweet treats from Trader Joe's and World Market}

{Sweet treats from Trader Joe’s, Target and World Market}

{I had to buy the stag mug for our Canadian guest!}

{I had to buy the stag mug for our Canadian guest!}

{What suite doesn't have a comfy robe?}

{What four star suite doesn’t have a comfy robe, tv and DVD player?}

{Magazines or local books are nice for out out of town guests}

{Magazines or local books are nice for out-of-town guests to peruse for relaxation.                                     And of course chocolate!}

{I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and just knew I HAD to have them!}

{I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off ($12.50 each) and just knew I HAD to have them!}

{The perfect rug from Ikea for only $20!}

{The perfect rug from Ikea for only $20!}

{I added ribbon to the plastic pulls to the blackout shades from Ikea.  Ribbon makes anything look fabulous!}

{I added ribbon to the plastic pulls to the blackout shades from Ikea. Ribbon makes anything look fabulous!}


{The Playhouse Cottage Inn}

I hope you enjoyed your tour of our guest cottage!

Until next time,


Butterscotch Lady


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Playhouse  mural by Timree Gold.  Go to

Buddy’s fanSTACHEtic 16th Birthday Party

It is difficult to believe that Buddy turned 16 this past weekend.  How is it possible?

 Time just keeps flying by without my permission…

Birthdays have always been a big deal at our house.  Mr. Cabana and I started a tradition when we were dating, to celebrate our birthdays for a whole weekend.   For one entire weekend we can do whatever we want and the family has to just go along with it,  without any complaints.  {Because as you know, ONE day a year is just not enough!}

So with this “Birthdays are a big deal” thinking, we had been asking Buddy for months (and months…) what he would like to do for his big 16th birthday.  (Party? Hollywood?, Getty Museum? Drive In movie night?…)  And the answer we got over (and over, and over?)  “I. Don’t. Know.”

Now for a planner like me, do you have ANY idea how difficult it was to hear those three little words?  And it is not like I could take control and plan something for him on my own.  I mean, after all, I am dealing with a teenager.  I am not completely off my rocker!

I finally gave Buddy a deadline to decide whether or not he wanted a party about 7 weeks ago.  He decided, that “No, he did not want a party.”  Ok, fine.  {Well, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t fine with it, but it was his decision.  I mean who doesn’t want a birthday party, am I a right?}

So flash forward to five (5!) days before his big day.  His best friend is at our house telling Grant that he going to be so disappointed come his birthday if he has nothing planned. He knows Buddy very well!

You see where this is going, right?

Five days before the BIG 1-6 and Buddy decides that “YES! I actually really do want a party!”

Really?!?  Seriously?!?  Are you KIDDING me?!?  NOW you decide to have a party?  With. 5. days. notice?

Did I tell him “No! You missed the deadline I set for you.”  Or “No! I can’t possibly plan a party in 5 days?” Ummm, you know me, right?

My answer went something like this, “Yes, I can pull it off.  But do not expect a whole lot.”

I had to get my mind around the fact there would be not a fabulous invitation being sent out (hello!  5 days people!), most custom items were out, ordering anything was out…You get my point, right?

So I immediately sent out an Evite {when in a pinch, these really are pretty great}, Buddy sent out a text with the Evite link {thank goodness for teens and their technology!}, I sent out an SOS text to my friends knowing that they have great items for me to borrow, and jumped onto Pinterest.  All of this probably within 10 minutes of Buddy telling me about a party.

Flash forward 5 days {Some things just were not able to be pulled off.  Movie of Buddy through the years? Not finished…Oh well}

{Buddy and his friends are off for a day of fun, while I work on the party}

{Buddy and his friends are off for a day of fun, while I work on the party}


Use This




Buddy and Baby Girl  {his server for the night}

Buddy and Baby Girl
{his server for the night}






{Found this image by doing a search on Google Images}


{Yes, I reused the “Wet Your Whistle” chalkboard from another recent event. Hey, it saved me a few minutes to work on something else!}


{My girlfriend Pam had the bushel baskets and adorable burlap sign from her son’s recent HS grad party. We made butter and caramel corn for the baskets}


{Lunch bags for popcorn bar}


{I found these great bowls at Michael’s for just 99 cents! They had been marked down 70%!}





{My girlfriend Sherry’s mom made the fabulous mustache runners for Sherry’s son’s recent HS graduation. I told you my friends have great stuff to borrow!}

{Game Time!}

{Game Time!}





{Once it was dark, we played "The Princess Bride" outside at our drive in movie theatre}

{Once it was dark, we played “The Princess Bride” outside at our drive in movie theatre}



{Chocolate Mustaches}

{Chocolate Mustaches}


{Buddy and his cousins}

{Papa enjoying a Twinkie from the Sweets Bar}

{Papa enjoying a Twinkie from the Sweets Bar}


{Mustache cake.  Bake a cake in a round pan, when cool cut in half in the a mustache shape}

{Mustache cake. Bake a cake in a round pan, when cool cut in half in the a mustache shape}

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


{ Sources}

SunshineAndPop (Etsy) for Bottle labels and buffet cards

Michael’s for mustache molds

Bushel Baskets and cellophane bags from Shinoda

Round Up the Stars!

You know that feeling when you have worked for months on a project and finally you get to post the final pictures?

Yea, I am feeling like that right now!

Buddy is in the Academy for the Performing Arts and I agreed to Co-Chair the Theatre Guild End of Year Awards Banquet.  I guess my co-chair (Eileen!!!) and I shocked people because FRESHMAN parents never Chaired the banquet.  We were told by last years chair that basically, we just couldn’t handle it, that is was a SENIOR parent job.

So what did these two freshman moms do?  We put on the BEST awards banquet the Academy had ever seen (Administrator’s words, not mine!).  See here is the thing, by being a new parent and never having attended an awards before, we had no pre-conceived notions of what had to be done.

The first things we felt we needed to do was to take the banquet out of the “rubber chicken/ hotel banquet room” rut it had been in, stay within a very limited budget,  and get 150 teenagers to be excited and want to attend.

First, we found The Red Horse Barn` and  the rest of the planning just fell into place….


{Save the Date!}

2013 Banquet Save the Date Invite

The picture looks a bit “peachy”, but the paper is actually kraft colored paper.

{The Invite}

2013 Banquet Invite

2013 Banquet Invite 003

{The Entrance}





Love at First Bite, our Caterer served delicious food that was all “kid” friendly.



{The Red Horse Barn is such a beautiful venue!!!}


{Photo Booth}
The teens had a blast taking pictures with their iPhones.
Since these kids are in the performing arts, they were not shy!




{Our Award “stage”}


{Senior gift bags}


{Drink Station}




{Utensils wrapped with bandanas, pie tins from Marie Callender’s, mason jars with red stripped paper straws}



{Some of our APA Stars!}


{Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy was a HUGE hit!!!}


{APA Seniors enjoying their last banquet}


{Freshman Stars}


{APA Stars! These smiles made ALL of our hard work well worth it}


{Buddy, standing up, and friends}

{For the tables}

We purchased white linens ($12 each- a one time expense and less expensive than renting), kraft paper runners with buckets ($1 each) filled with crayons (.80 cents per box) for practicing stars to practice the art of autographs.

{Center pieces}

Tins (free since I always save my tomatoes, bean…cans), I glued burlap ribbon to can, then tied gingham ribbon over burlap, giant yellow dahlias with excelsior, sitting in a nest of more excelsior (we really wanted mini bales of hay, but our budget did not allow for them.  Total cost $8 each

{Place Settings}

Pie tins rented from Marie Callender’s (we returned the pie tins and received out deposit back, so our tins were free!), utensils wrapped with bandanas (.80 cents each) & tied with twine, mason jars with a kraft tag with a star punch tied to the jar with twine, red and white stripped paper straws.

I can not say “THANK YOU” enough to my FABULOUS Co-Chair and Friend!!!!

{Butterscotch Lady and my FABULOUS Co-Chair Eileen}

{Butterscotch Lady and my FABULOUS Co-Chair Eileen}

THANK YOU to our AMAZING vendors!

The Red Horse Barn

Love at First Bite catering

Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy

Baker Party Rental


Kelly Paper

Orange County Fast Print

{The Banquet took place on Mr. Cabana and my 18th wedding anniversary.  So romantic, right?}

{The Banquet took place on Mr. Cabana and my 18th wedding anniversary. So romantic, right?}

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


Busy Bees are buzzing at Butterscotch Lady’s House~

Spring has definitely sprung here at our house!


I have been a busy bee organizing closets

{Before pic of my side of our "quaint" (teeny tiny!) master closet}

{Before pic of my side of our “quaint” (teeny tiny!) master closet}

{Mr. Cabana's side of our oh so glamorous closet}

{Mr. Cabana’s side of our oh so glamorous closet}

Several years ago we put a closet organizer from The Container Store in our closet which helped tremendously with space organization.  I love that they closet system gives us the option to change it around if we wanted.  Not that we really have any other options other than how it is now…

I am a tad OCD, so my clothes are always organized by color.  But the different colored plastic hangers drove me cRaZy!!!  I found a great deal on the space saver, “velvet” covered hangers at Burlington Coat Factory (25 for $9.99).


Source: via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

I was surprised by what a huge difference changing the hangers would make to our closet, not only the look, but also by the space saved.  Plus, now the hangers slide on the metal bar just like at the store.

I had clear plastic boxes on the upper shelf for hats, gloves, sweaters…Sure, they were functional, but not cute.  At all!  So I just had to pick up these adorable hat boxes from HomeGoods for $20.

Who doesn’t want to feel like you are in a boutique whenever you are “shopping” in your own closet?   Too bad my wardrobe doesn’t really feel like “boutique clothing”.  But hey, a girl can fantasize, right?

So for about $65, we have a closet that functions better for us and looks WAY better!  And the best part?  I had a gift card to use!!!


{Hat boxes from HomeGoods}

{Hat boxes from HomeGoods}




A busy bee organizing drawers…

Buddy and Baby Girl are now old enough that it is great to have them help us out with chores around the house.  But… After they have emptied the dishwasher, it is really frustrating to not be able to actually find anything!

So my OCD kicked in again, and I thought how about if I label where everything goes?  It will make their job easier to find where everything belongs and then I can find it when I need it.  So with Mr. Cabana shaking his head at me, that is exactly what I did.  And you know what?  IT WORKS!!!!

100_5245 100_5250

After several weeks, I am still able to find what I need and it makes me happy to open a drawer and it looks organized. Plus, now all of my friends can find the wine opener!


And  a busy bee “organizing” a big spring project…

I have also been busy cutting up wood from our patio cover that we have been tearing down.  We LOVE the weather of So. Cal.  The termites that LOVE it here too?  Not so much…

{My Dad taught me how to use a Sawzall.  A saw with a long thing blade.  I am woman, hear me roar!}

{My Dad taught me how to use a Sawzall. A saw with a long thing blade. “I am woman, hear me roar!” Chicks like power tools too!}

I look forward to posting pictures of our new patio cover once we buy the wood, cut the wood, paint the wood, construct with the wood… Hopefully I can post the pics sooner rather than later!

Also, I have been a busy crafting bee  for a Spring Boutique my girlfriends and I had.  But I will save those pictures for another day. I need to get to my hive, err, I mean my house chores!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


Baby Girl’s Annual Valentine “Tea” Party

Remember, I am all about party door decor!

I am all about party door decor!

In honor of Valentine’s Day this Friday, I thought I would share with you again Baby Girl’s Valentine Party from 2013.  I am busy preparing for this year’s party which we are having tomorrow.  Enjoy!

As I wrote in last years blog about Baby Girl’s traditional party, I started the party to help foster a fondness of the holiday by showering her friends with love.  We see it as a day to celebrate her friendships with these fabulous girls!  We believe this day should not be just about couples and kissing and holding hands… Can’t you hear the ‘tweens screaming “EEEWWWWW!” But about celebrating our friendships too.

Even though we call it a “Tea” Party, there is no tea.  We have found hot chocolate to be much more popular as a hot beverage with this ‘tween group.  We also served pink lemonade, with a choice of egg salad or peanut butter & grape jelly on heart-shaped bread (made using a cookie cutter), mini donut skewers (very popular!), strawberries (brought by Lilly and her Mama Shannon) and delicious red velvet cupcakes made by our sweet friend Kanani and her Mama Kim.

My photographer friend Tracy (Photograph’s by Tracy) took some beautiful pictures for me.  My iTouch was all I used to take pictures.  I know, I know, WHAT was I thinking?!?!?  Well, I was thinking I have about 1 hour to pull off this shin dig and I was rushing around trying to have it all set up for Baby Girl’s guests (read my blog post “My Kinda Perfect“).  Sooo, you will probably see a difference in the quality of the pictures (plus, I am not a professional like Tracy!).  I am saving for an SLR camera that will help with the quality of  my pictures and therefore, hopefully your enjoyment of my blog!

So without further adieu,

Welcome to Baby Girl’s Valentine party!




A cut piece of gingham fabric is is perfect for an inexpensive table cloth. I have used this piece over and over for tables and table scapes. I have left the edges raw and it still looks great!


Lanterns helped to bring the color up to the ceiling and created a focal point for above the table.

Lanterns helped to bring the color up to the ceiling and created a focal point for above the table.


The girls LOVED the mini donuts on the skewers.





Shredded, crinkle paper adds a little pizzaz to the glasses with the cupcakes at each place setting.


How cute are these mini donuts on wood skewers? Another hit with the girls!


I just adore paper straws and use them every chance I get! Mr. Cabana and I found these perfect red and white stripped straws at Target in their Christmas section. If you happened to come after us, sorry!
We bought ALL that they had!


Close up our Valentine garland we made by embellishing a chocolate garland found at Shinoda. We used wrapping paper, fabric tape, card board, paper tags and flowers.

Die cuts from Staple's taped onto wood skewers with questions for the girls to ask one another.  A BIG HIT!

Die cuts from Staple’s taped onto wood skewers with questions for the girls to ask one another.

Ikea frames (2 pack), wrapping paper from Paper Source, card board and fabric tape.  "Instant" table art!

Ikea frames (2 pack), wrapping paper from Paper Source, card board and fabric tape. “Instant” table art!


This is what I have said to my children every night when they are off to bed. I love that Buddy (15) still says it back to me!

This is what I have said to my children every night when they are off to bed. I love that Buddy (15) still says it back to me!

A little bottle of bubble bath soap in a "champagne" bottle.  $1 each @ Target

A little bottle of bubble bath soap in a “champagne” bottle. $1 each @ Target


{Playhouse mural painted by Timree Gold.}

{ Paintings in the bay window were painted by Baby Girl and me and an art class at Timree’s Newport Beach studio. Stop by her website to sign up for a class.  Also visit her Facebook page @}

{Please don’t forget to LIKE my Facebook page and follow me on Pinterest.  Feel free to pin my pictures!

Not on Pinterest yet?  Leave a comment and I will invite to the site.}

Total cost of party $35 (for food).  Conversation sticks were made using supplies we already had.

So new decor items were to be purchased for this party. That made Mr. Cabana VERY happy!


~Baby Girl and her Gal Pals~

~Baby Girl and her Gal Pals~

We hope you enjoyed coming to the party and perhaps picked up a few ideas for your next shin dig!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

The Oscar’s is our Superbowl

My family and I love to watch movies both at home and in the theater.  I like just about most genre’s of movies from classics  to scary and all that is in between.  Some of my earliest memories are of watching movies with my parents at the local drive-in (long gone) “Blazing Saddles“, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“, “The Goodbye Girl“… For me, movies and music are often like date stamps; “E.T’,  I saw it when I was 12 years old as a double feature with “Poltergist” during the summer.  I could tell you who I was with and what we were in to that summer.

Every year, I try to see many, if not all, of the movies that are nominated for an Oscar.  Instead of following a football of baseball team, I watch movies.  Buddy, The Actor, and I like to try to guess which of our favorite movies will be nominated and then watch to see if we were right.  Baby Girl and I LOVED “Life of  Pi” and “Les Miserables”; Buddy was disappointed “Moonlight Kingdom” was not nominated for Best Picture, just Best Screenplay; Mr. Cabana and I liked “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained”; I also liked “Silver Lining Playbook”.  Not sure how I am voting tonight!

My point in all of this?  Tonight is the Oscar’s.  That elusive night for us mere mortals where we can watch through a “looking-glass” as the “cool kids” go to the fancy dance that we will never (ok, more than likely never) be invited to.  The women will be wearing a beautiful (or “what were they thinking”) gowns that are probably worth more than my car, ahem, or house!

So what do I like to do when I am watching the “glamorous” congratulate themselves and peers on yet another year of movie making?

More often than not, I am in my jammies with the family in the living room.  I have prepared a meal that can be finished just in time before the The Host starts their opening number.  We will have filled out our ballots thinking that we will have won the prize for the most correct answers.

Tonight’s  festivities will be just a little different for us.  Baby Girl and I just returned from a visit to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my best friend Kari and her family so I was not home to prepare for the Big Night.  We will still be in our jammies and have our ballots filled out but we are doing take out tonight.

But I do have some Big Plans for next years!  Perhaps it will be the year I finally throw an Oscar Party!  I better go now and put on my jammies so I can watch the Stars walk the Red Carpet.  Oh and I need to gold dip some mason jars too!

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

Organizing My Party Pantry

I have been busy organizing cupboards and closets (ok, really it is just one closet so far!) the last couple of weeks.  I feel like I am slowly making some progress.  I say slowly because we are on a budget and I can not justify going a one big spending spree at The Container Store, Home Goods or Burlington Coat Factory to purchase everything on my “wish list”. I really feel that having the right products do make getting (and staying) organized is important.  Plus, if I am going to do the work, I want it to function and look great too!

Last week, at The Container Store I purchased one of my favorite organization tools~ Their Shoe Box.  I buy their bulk box (20 boxes for $33).  At the Costa Mesa, CA store the boxes are located at the front left of the store when you walk in.

I have found them to be the best boxes for organizing everything from kids toys, craft supplies, party items and of course

shoes!   Over the next couple of posts you will see these boxes used.  In this family of four, I often find myself fighting a lone battle of organization.  I mean really, isn’t life easier when we can all find our stuff  in neatly labeled boxes?  How many minutes a day do we (I really mean THEM) spend looking for stuff?  I have resorted to telling Mr. Cabana, “I would like everything to have a specific place (preferably labeled) in case something were to happen to me.”  Fatalistic?  Perhaps, but I see it as being “prepared”.  

My theory was put into action last week when a friend stopped by to pick up some party supplies.  I was on the phone and unable to help her.  I sent her and Mr. Cabana to my (newly!) organized Party Pantry and guess what?  They were able to find exactly what they were looking for WITHOUT ME!!!!  That is something to be proud of, right?  I can actually feel my hour-glass gaining a few sands of time…

Now I am under illusions of grandeur regarding my Party Pantry or closets.  I drool just like the rest of you over the AMAZING pictures on Pinterest of pantries that frankly, I just will never (ok, maybe not NEVER, but seriously not likely!) have.  Seriously?!?  Can you believe this pantry below?  Sadly, I think it is about the size of my master bathroom…

                                                                                                        Source: via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

But my inexpensive OSH garage cupboards have done their job for us for 10 years so far. Do the shelves sag in the middle a tad? Yes, but Mr. Cabana can fix that! So I choose to be proud of my pantry just as it is (imagine my fist in the air)!



This was organized at one point.  These baskets just did not work out.

This was organized at one point. These baskets just did not work out.

The napkins were out of control!!!

The napkins were out of control!!!

Great size without wasting space with a lid that overhangs the box too much.

Great size without wasting space with a lid that overhangs the box too much.

I buy a box of 20 for about $33

I buy a box of 20 for about $33



Now I can finally keep track of the right sized lids to buy!

Now I can finally keep track of the right sized lids to buy!




HomeGoods cake stands.

HomeGoods cake stands.

Metal buckets that I seem to use for everything!

Metal buckets that I seem to use for everything!

This is an ongoing project as I will probably tweak it over time.   To keep it organized this time, I have labeled each box and the shelf location with my Dynamo Label maker from Target(I LOVE THIS TOOL!!!).

So I hope if you ever need anything from my Party Pantry, I know you (and Mr. Cabana)  will be able to find it without my help!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Let’s Party (Again!)

Let’s Party (Again!).

“They was organized I tell you!” (Quote from the movie “Chicken Run”)

Finally!!!  We have managed to put away our many, many totes of Christmas decorations into the attic.  Why does it feel like this process takes longer every year?   I am always excited when I am able to consolidate items and have one less tote to pack and put away.  Do you ever feel the same way?

Now that everything is put away for yet another year, I can finally get down to some serious organizing.  I want to go through each of the kid’s closets, Mr. Cabana’s side of the closet and his dresser, the linen and coat closets, my party pantry and the cabinets in the playhouse.  Just to name a few!

I figure if I tell you what my plans are then I REALLY need to accomplish these tasks.  I guess you could say I like knowing I am accountable to all of you!

I wish Baby Girl’s closet could look like this…

Source: via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

My dream for our bathroom cabinet!

I say dream because you would not believe how SMALL our vanity is.

 The kid’s bathroom has a pedestal sink that I love, but no storage.

 I keep thinking I need to break down and put in a vanity.

Source: via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

Each of my kids have a couple of boxes filled with school work treasures.

They are stacked by the grade level, but I love this idea.


                                                                                                               Source: via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

Hopefully I will be able to finish my organizing just in time for Spring cleaning to begin. The work just never end, does it?

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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