Let’s Party (Again!)

Let’s Party (Again!).

“They was organized I tell you!” (Quote from the movie “Chicken Run”)

Finally!!!  We have managed to put away our many, many totes of Christmas decorations into the attic.  Why does it feel like this process takes longer every year?   I am always excited when I am able to consolidate items and have one less tote to pack and put away.  Do you ever feel the same way?

Now that everything is put away for yet another year, I can finally get down to some serious organizing.  I want to go through each of the kid’s closets, Mr. Cabana’s side of the closet and his dresser, the linen and coat closets, my party pantry and the cabinets in the playhouse.  Just to name a few!

I figure if I tell you what my plans are then I REALLY need to accomplish these tasks.  I guess you could say I like knowing I am accountable to all of you!

I wish Baby Girl’s closet could look like this…

Source: thecreativityexchange.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

My dream for our bathroom cabinet!

I say dream because you would not believe how SMALL our vanity is.

 The kid’s bathroom has a pedestal sink that I love, but no storage.

 I keep thinking I need to break down and put in a vanity.

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Each of my kids have a couple of boxes filled with school work treasures.

They are stacked by the grade level, but I love this idea.


                                                                                                               Source: dandee-designs.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

Hopefully I will be able to finish my organizing just in time for Spring cleaning to begin. The work just never end, does it?

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Messages in a Mason Jar


Since it is still only the second week of January, I thought I would share a new tradition my family started in 2011.

Mr. Cabana and I have always made it a point to celebrate the New Year with Buddy and Baby Girl, whether it be playing games at my brother’s house or having friends at our home.  We just want to be with them.  Because we know, sooner rather than later, they are probably going to want to be with their friends, not hanging out with us when the New Year’s Eve Ball drops at midnight.


New Year’s has always been a special night for Mr. Cabana and me.  It really is the night that started it all for us.  A mutual friend of ours happened to invite Mr. Cabana to a New Year’s Eve party I was having when I was 18 years old and still living at home with my parents {I told you I have always liked throwing parties!}.  We rang in 1989 New Year together {my father told friends that night, “Looks like W. found a new friend!” Little did we all know!} that night and every New Year for 24 years!!!!



New Year’s Eve 2011, I thought it would be special if we all wrote letters to our future selves to be read on New Year’s Eve 2012.  We had a quiet night with the kids, our nephew and Buddy’s best friend.  I really was not sure how the teenager boys would respond to my suggestion of writing a letter.  But to my surprise they loved the idea!!!  Throughout the night we placed our letters into a vintage mason jar a dear friend had given me.

I placed the jar on a shelf where I would see it periodically throughout the year.  A couple of time the kids would mention the letters they had written to themselves exclaiming that they really had no idea what they had written.  I guess 3, 6, 9 months is forever even to teens!

Buddy decided to have a small party with close friends this past New Year’s Eve, so I wasn’t sure they would really want to read their letter that night.  How wrong was I!  As soon as midnight struck, they wanted to read their letters.  Buddy and his best friend were so sweet to allow me to read their letters as well.

I was so pleasantly surprised to see how thoughtful the letters were.  They wrote about who was important to them at that time of their life, favorite movies, songs.  What I though was so special though, was how they wrote about themselves and what they wanted their 2012 self to know about how they feel and their goals.  It is not often that teens take a moment to reflect on who they are and who the want to be.  And I had letters to prove that they had done just that!

Buddy's best friend and Buddy

Buddy’s best friend and Buddy

Baby Girl is always game for whatever I throw out so I knew she would love this idea.  Her letter was so sweet and encouraging.  My favorite line, “…do not be afraid to try new things.  But of course only good things.”  Oh how I love my girl!

Mr. Cabana is always a man of few words and while I had to pester him just a bit to join in and write a letter, he did add a note to the jar.  It was one sentence, but boy did it say so much!!!  I will treasure it always.  My own letter wasn’t terribly profound although it was written from the heart.  It was special reading a nice letter to myself  from me.

 Perhaps like some of you, I have that negative voice in my head that says negative things to me that I would never dare say to anyone else.  This letter was a reminder to be kind to myself first.  And because of that, I did make some pretty big changes in 2012 that I am very proud of.  Who knows, maybe putting pen to paper helped to make a difference for each of us.  I know it did for me.


We have our new letters in the beautiful vintage mason jar, put away for another year, waiting to be read after the ball drops…

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Welcome 2013!

It is Monday morning, January 7th.  I know that we are already one week into 2013, but for me it feels like today is the first day of the year.  Why, you may ask?

The kids went back to school today. With that depressing event (oh, you should have heard them last night and this morning moaning about going back!) I feel like I can get my act together and start my own goals for 2013.


First off, you may be wondering where I have been.  The last time you heard from me I was off to explore the new “Hobby Lobby”.  No, I have not only just now returned from my expedition.  ALthough for me, it does not feel all that long ago as it has been a whirlwind around here lately!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hobby Lobby and found many treasures on my first, second and ahem, my third trip there.  My first trip was 2 hours long and I still did not make it to the holiday section.  Baby Girl was so excited to go with me and we explored the store’s huge holiday section together.

My girlfriends and I had another very successful Holiday Boutique at the beginning of December.  I was working like crazy making items to be sold, decorating our house for Christmas, hosting a Breakfast Dinner party, preparing for our Annual Christmas Party for 130 people, creating baskets for clients, shopping for gifts, volunteering, painting…Oh yes, and all of that on top of being sick.  For 4 weeks!!!  You get the idea.  Although I love my Blog and sharing with you, my reader (are any of you left?) my love of decorating and parties, my family was questioning my sanity already without adding the pressure of blogging.

So, enough excuses aside, here are some pics of what I have been up to these last many weeks~

Christmas tree in the playhouse.

Christmas tree in the playhouse.


A sampling of goodies at our Holiday Boutique. I sold the cabinet too! I am going to miss it…


Cupcake ornaments I made for our Holiday Boutique.


Basket for a client.


Baskets for a client.

Baby Girl and Timree

Baby Girl and Timree

Buddy and Baby Girl with Santa in the playhouse at our Annual Christmas Party.

Buddy and Baby Girl with Santa in the playhouse at our Annual Christmas Party.

One of my goals for 2013 is to continue to grow  my business and to write  for my Butterscotch Lady blog more regularly.  Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what they are.  We can help each other keep our resolutions!

Much love to all!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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