“They was organized I tell you!” (Quote from the movie “Chicken Run”)

Finally!!!  We have managed to put away our many, many totes of Christmas decorations into the attic.  Why does it feel like this process takes longer every year?   I am always excited when I am able to consolidate items and have one less tote to pack and put away.  Do you ever feel the same way?

Now that everything is put away for yet another year, I can finally get down to some serious organizing.  I want to go through each of the kid’s closets, Mr. Cabana’s side of the closet and his dresser, the linen and coat closets, my party pantry and the cabinets in the playhouse.  Just to name a few!

I figure if I tell you what my plans are then I REALLY need to accomplish these tasks.  I guess you could say I like knowing I am accountable to all of you!

I wish Baby Girl’s closet could look like this…

Source: thecreativityexchange.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

My dream for our bathroom cabinet!

I say dream because you would not believe how SMALL our vanity is.

 The kid’s bathroom has a pedestal sink that I love, but no storage.

 I keep thinking I need to break down and put in a vanity.

Source: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

Each of my kids have a couple of boxes filled with school work treasures.

They are stacked by the grade level, but I love this idea.


                                                                                                               Source: dandee-designs.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

Hopefully I will be able to finish my organizing just in time for Spring cleaning to begin. The work just never end, does it?

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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