The Oscar’s is our Superbowl

My family and I love to watch movies both at home and in the theater.  I like just about most genre’s of movies from classics  to scary and all that is in between.  Some of my earliest memories are of watching movies with my parents at the local drive-in (long gone) “Blazing Saddles“, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“, “The Goodbye Girl“… For me, movies and music are often like date stamps; “E.T’,  I saw it when I was 12 years old as a double feature with “Poltergist” during the summer.  I could tell you who I was with and what we were in to that summer.

Every year, I try to see many, if not all, of the movies that are nominated for an Oscar.  Instead of following a football of baseball team, I watch movies.  Buddy, The Actor, and I like to try to guess which of our favorite movies will be nominated and then watch to see if we were right.  Baby Girl and I LOVED “Life of  Pi” and “Les Miserables”; Buddy was disappointed “Moonlight Kingdom” was not nominated for Best Picture, just Best Screenplay; Mr. Cabana and I liked “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained”; I also liked “Silver Lining Playbook”.  Not sure how I am voting tonight!

My point in all of this?  Tonight is the Oscar’s.  That elusive night for us mere mortals where we can watch through a “looking-glass” as the “cool kids” go to the fancy dance that we will never (ok, more than likely never) be invited to.  The women will be wearing a beautiful (or “what were they thinking”) gowns that are probably worth more than my car, ahem, or house!

So what do I like to do when I am watching the “glamorous” congratulate themselves and peers on yet another year of movie making?

More often than not, I am in my jammies with the family in the living room.  I have prepared a meal that can be finished just in time before the The Host starts their opening number.  We will have filled out our ballots thinking that we will have won the prize for the most correct answers.

Tonight’s  festivities will be just a little different for us.  Baby Girl and I just returned from a visit to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my best friend Kari and her family so I was not home to prepare for the Big Night.  We will still be in our jammies and have our ballots filled out but we are doing take out tonight.

But I do have some Big Plans for next years!  Perhaps it will be the year I finally throw an Oscar Party!  I better go now and put on my jammies so I can watch the Stars walk the Red Carpet.  Oh and I need to gold dip some mason jars too!

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

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