Come On In and Make Yourself at Home!

If you have been following Butterscotch Lady since the beginning or have read my older posts, then you will know that we have a very small house (1,176 sq ft to be precise!).  With 3 adults (Buddy is now 16 and 6’1 so he counts as an adult!) a tween and a black lab, it doesn’t leave much room for overnight guests.

But that did not stop me from begging my friend Deborah from Canada to come stay with us for a visit.  But the question was, “Where are we going to have her sleep?  We could move Baby Girl to our room, the living room, they can share BG’s room…Deborah was coming hee for a vacation after all!  (Oh, and stay within a tight budget!)

You can see our dilemma, right?

{I have decorated guest rooms for clients in that past and I had always wanted to create one in our home.  I just figured it would have to wait until one of our little birds flew from the nest for me to create one.}

It was in a moment of inspiration (no, not desperation! ) that I just knew what we were going to do!

The playhouse!!!!

It is perfect~ 125 square feet of pure cuteness! (or at least it will be!)

So here was the plan~

My folks have a trundle-bed  that we brought over and we switched Baby Girl’s (much better) mattress for the trundle mattress (she’s young, she can handle a less than comfy mattress for a few days!).  The playhouse windows did not have any window coverings and with the bay window facing east, would not be conducive to sleeping in.  I happened to have an Ikea catalog (you just never know when it may come in handy!) and came across inexpensive blackout roller blinds.  I also found the perfect rug for the laminate floor.  My girlfriends pitched in with a lovely black comforter (Thanks Satchi!) and sheets with hearts all over them and pillows (Thanks Lilly and Shannon!).

I shopped for some yummy treats for the “mini bar”, hung up a robe and voila!

“The Playhouse Cottage Inn” was opened for business!

Come on in and make your self at home…

"The Playhouse Cottage Inn"

“The Playhouse Cottage Inn”


{The Inn’s front porch}

The Inn books quickly!

The Inn books quickly!



{The Playhouse Cottage Inn Suite}


{The penny jars on the dresser are filled with toiletries in one and chocolate in the other. Both are necessities!}


{An alarm clock and fresh flowers are perfect for a guest’s nightstand}

I framed a picture of Deborah and our "Friday Breakfast club" members.

{I framed a picture of Deborah and our “Friday Breakfast club” members so she could wake up to our smiling faces!}     Frame and clock from Ikea.



{The suite’s mini bar}

{Sweet treats from Trader Joe's and World Market}

{Sweet treats from Trader Joe’s, Target and World Market}

{I had to buy the stag mug for our Canadian guest!}

{I had to buy the stag mug for our Canadian guest!}

{What suite doesn't have a comfy robe?}

{What four star suite doesn’t have a comfy robe, tv and DVD player?}

{Magazines or local books are nice for out out of town guests}

{Magazines or local books are nice for out-of-town guests to peruse for relaxation.                                     And of course chocolate!}

{I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and just knew I HAD to have them!}

{I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby for 50% off ($12.50 each) and just knew I HAD to have them!}

{The perfect rug from Ikea for only $20!}

{The perfect rug from Ikea for only $20!}

{I added ribbon to the plastic pulls to the blackout shades from Ikea.  Ribbon makes anything look fabulous!}

{I added ribbon to the plastic pulls to the blackout shades from Ikea. Ribbon makes anything look fabulous!}


{The Playhouse Cottage Inn}

I hope you enjoyed your tour of our guest cottage!

Until next time,


Butterscotch Lady


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Playhouse  mural by Timree Gold.  Go to


  1. Just beautiful, when can I come stay!?! Your ideas and creations put DIY network to shame! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Callahan says:



  3. Deborah Dooley says:

    I was the lucky friend who received the most warm and wonderful welcome.

    Being with the Butterscotch Lady is wonderful enough. I would have stayed anywhere to be able to spend time with her. To arrive to the most breathtaking space was completely overwhelming. I had my own little Country Home! With all the most thoughtful and glorious details taken care of. Toiletries, treats, mineral water, magazines, I could have spent my entire vacation in that beautiful space. But the warmth of my dear friend’s family was the pull that had me up early to spend time time in their gorgeous home!
    I was spoiled with her loving touch in her “country cottage” and spoiled with her loving and warm friendship. My stay was far too short, now that i am home I will miss the most lovely “home away from home”, but… it’s the Butterscotch Lady and her wonderful family I miss the most.
    With buckets of love and appreciation for everything you did to make my stay so special,

    • Ahhh!!!! Thanks for your sweet note Deborah! We absolutely LOVED having you in our home and are so happy you were “ok with being in the playhouse”. You should have seen some of the reactions I initially got when I told people what we were doing! Hopefully after looking at the pics, “they” will understand! I hope you know that your room is ready and waiting for you anytime! We love you and miss you tons!!!!

  4. Wendy, How talented you are, what a special gift you have…It looks wonderful. Hugs, Barbara

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