Boutique Time!!!


It is that time of year!  Our Annual Holiday Boutique is THIS WEEKEND!!!

I have been a busy mom these days working with clients, taking care of Baby Girl who just had 2 wisdom teeth pulled and getting ready for our Annual Holiday Boutique.  Three friends of mine and I have been putting on our Boutique for several years and each year it is more and more successful.  My girlfriend is so sweet to open up her home and host the event.

I have been collecting and painting furniture, painting canvas’, making (my much-loved) homemade hot cocoa mix, painting chalkboard trays…

Here is a small sneak peek of some of the goodies!

IMG_4252 IMG_4250 IMG_4248 IMG_4249IMG_3284IMG_4229[1]


Just think you could be all finished with your holiday shopping before the turkey is even in the oven!

I would love to see you this weekend!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


EASY Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tutorial

IMG_3378I have had several friends asking me about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lately.   If you haven’t heard about ASCP, then perhaps you are reading my blog for the first time (or you have been under a rock? hee hee!) .  I LOVE ASCP!!!

Yes, it is a bit pricey.  I pay $42 with tax for 32 fl. Pienture in Costa Mesa, CA. But trust me, the cost is so worth it!!!  A can of paint will last much longer than you would expect.  You do not need much paint to cover a piece of furniture and always work with a wet paint brush.  It keeps the paint from soaking into the brush.  How many times have you finished a project, cleaned the paint brush to see lots and lots of paint going down the drain?  Such a waste!

So why chalk paint as opposed to regular latex paint (which at Home Depot is about $25 for a gallon)?

1. You do not use very much paint.

2. When you sand the piece, the paint comes of in a powder (latex often wants to peal, or come off in small “clumps”).

3.  A baby bottom smooth finish- seriously, it is sooooo soft when finished!


Yes,  you read that correctly!  Priming is not necessary when using chalk paint. No matter what you are painting- wood, metal, plastic…chalk paint will adhere to the item. I painted a small piece this morning and took pictures (and video) of the supplies needed and the steps I used.



{Supplies I used}


1. Clean item to be painted 2. Paint (1 to 2 coats usually) 3. Sand item (if you want a distressed look) 4. Wax the finished piece (this protects the paint and gives the finish a rich look.  Imagine a dry cement patio and a wet cement patio).

{My free "found on the curb" table}

{My free “found on the curb” table}


{Baby Girl had covered this table with duct tape. Once I stripped it off, it left these marks. No worries, after I paint and wax, they will not be noticeable.}

{Wipe the item clean}

{Wipe the item clean}

IMG_3196 IMG_3195 IMG_3199     IMG_3200 IMG_3201

{First coat}

{First coat}

{First coat. messy is ok!}

{First coat. messy is ok!}

{Not very pretty yet, right?}

{Not very pretty yet, right?}

{First coat.  I usually brush paint on with the grain.}

{First coat. I usually brush paint on with the grain.}

{Don't forget to keep your brush "wet, but not too wet"}

{Don’t forget to keep your brush “wet, but not too wet”}

{Start of the 2nd coat}

{Start of the 2nd coat}

{2nd coat}

{2nd coat}


{Notice the drip on the right side? Not to worry! It will sand right off}

{Another drip...}

{Another drip…}

{2nd coat complete.  I did do a 3rd coat on the table because I did 2 very conservative coats for example purposes}

{2nd coat complete. I did do a 3rd coat on the table because I did 2 very conservative coats for example purposes}

{220 grit sanding block}

{220 grit sanding block}

{Lightly sand areas that you want to have a "worn" look}

{Lightly sand areas that you want to have a “worn” look}

{This is my favorite tool that Mr. Cabana bought for me, my cordless power sander}

{This is my favorite tool that Mr. Cabana bought for me, my cordless power sander. I can sand a piece no time at all!}



{All sanded, now time to wax}


{With a soft cloth or brush, wax entire piece}

{With a soft cloth or brush, wax entire piece}


{Once item is waxed.  Let dry and then buff for a super, duper smooth finish!!!}

{Once item is waxed. Let dry and then buff for a super, duper smooth finish!!!}

IMG_3282   IMG_3278


{In this picture you get a bit of a preview of our new wall color and floors. Still working on decorating. Stay tuned for the “big” reveal coming soon!}

I hope you have found this tutorial to be helpful!  It really is as easy as these pictures describe.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here, or go to my Facebook page.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

(PS.  I took video, but alas, it did not turn out…)

We are ALL Mad Here!

It has been a whirlwind around here lately! Working with flooring and event clients, the kid’s HB Junior Lifeguards, 4th of July…

Last weekend I set up for a wedding, then I took the train to Santa Barbara with my SIL and two friends for 36 hours of FUN, LAUGHTER, RINGO STARR and an early celebration for my birthday!!! We had an amazing time!


I am also in the process of choosing new paint for our kitchen/ dining area/ living room and hallway.  We are putting in new floors (a laminate called Avignon by Garrison) so now is the time to re-fresh the house a bit.  I still love my Butter Cookie from Behr (a creamy yellow) but we have had the same color since we moved in almost 13 years ago.  I am looking for the perfect “greige” color.  And to be totally honest, I am struggling.

The lighting in our house is doing some really funky things to the paint samples.


Oh wait…That is just Mr. Cabana and Baby Girl having fun with some paint samples.  {Little do they know they just created more work for me 😦 }

But really, the lighting is playing tricks with me.  My goal is to have chosen a color by tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


Since I am feeling un-accomplished in the paint department, I thought I would check off something else on my “To Do List”.  Finally post the pics from the Mad Hatter Banquet!

 So without further adieu, here they are!!!


{The entrance}




{Mad Hatter picture from}




{Photo “Booth”. Sofa was rented from}





{Buddy, My Co-Chair’s daughter Heather and our incoming President’s daughter Alyssa.}



{Gift bags for all of our Senior students.}


{For the hat stands, Mr. Cabana used stair stiles and plywood cut into squares.}




{We used my FAVORITE local caterer, Love at First Bite}

0884 0883

0827 0826 0825 0824


Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady



Happy 4th of July!!! A day early :)

I know I still need to post pictures from the Mad Hatter Party but this week has just gotten away from me!

I can not believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July…2014!!!!!

This year is flying by WAY TOO QUICKLY!


Surf City is known for having the largest 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi.  It is a huge event on our Main Street with thousands of people decked out in red, white and blue, bikes are decorated and so is just about every house on Main Street.

We don’t live on Main Street, but here is our little bit of Americana~

In honor of our Nation’s Birthday,

here are some pictures of our front porch all decked out in

Red, White and Blue Glory!!!


{Handmade wreath made by our dear friend and teacher Julie! Contact me if you would like a wreath!}






{The tray was once silver plated but was too damaged to polish. Spray paint made it beautiful again!}



{Keep Calm and Be Safe on the 4th of July!}




{I love this USA bunting I made!}


{To make the bunting~ precut wood triangles purchased from craft store, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, acrylic paints and ribbon}






{A perfect spot for a cold drink on a summer day}


{This mirror used to hang in Buddy and Baby Girl’s bathroom. I am all about re-using and re-purposing items!}

 May your 4th of July SPECTACULAR!!!

You will find me floating the pool with a cool mango mojito surrounded

by fun, laughter and loved ones!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

The Mad Hatter INVITES you to a party!


Image from The

A few weeks ago Buddy had his Academy for the Performing Arts Theatre Guild End of Year Awards Banquet. My friend and I had signed on to Chair the event for a second year in a row. There were times when I would think, “Am I CrAzY for doing this again?” The answer lays somewhere in the middle…

Our theme this year was “The Mad Hatter” and while Pinterest was a great resource, I did not want to copy everything down to the last tid bit. Plus we were working within a fairly tight budget and that obviously dictated some of the decision that we made. We pinned so many great ideas but I often wondered, what in the world the budget was for some of those Fab parties!

As with most events that I do, I think a FABULOUS ‘Save the Date and invite’ sets the tone for the party and guests are excited to attend the event. I created this tri-fold invite using Serif Page Plus Publishing and had our local print shop print them on double-sided glossy card stock and score the invites for me.





* All images are from*

Next time it will be Party Time!

Until then,

Butterscotch Lady





Hello, Again!

Boy, oh boy!!! The past several months have gone by in such a whirlwind that I don’t even know where to begin…

I have added a new service to “Butterscotch Lady”~ FLOORING!!! I am so thrilled to be partnering with Sterling Carpet & Flooring in Anaheim, Ca. I am working independently as a Sales Consultant and I love it! Flooring fits beautifully into my vision for my business Butterscotch Lady. I now can help you create a beautiful home and party, starting with your floor!

I am able to bring flooring samples directly to my client’s homes, which makes it much easier to choose the right flooring for the space we are working on. My door to door service also helps when you are juggeling work, kids, school…Who wants to spend time in a warehouse?

I have also been busy with the kids and their year end activites, hosting house guests (wait until you see pictures of the “new” Playhouse Cottage Inn! So cute!!!), planning parties, a banquet for Buddy and a wedding! Whew, I need more hours in my day!

As you all know, I am technically challenged and I was getting quite frustrated with my sweet little blog. I am still trying (unsuccessfully, I may add) to make Pinning my pictures much easier. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish that goal very soon! (Tonight? :/ )

I just needed to step away and really think about what I wanted to accomplish from my blog. I have missed sharing my pictures and goings on with Mr. Cabana, Buddy and Baby Girl. Thanks for sticking around for me!

As a teaser, here is a collage of Buddy’s Academeny for the Performing Arts, Theatre Guild’s Awards Banquet. More pics to follow!!! PROMISE!

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

Changes in store for 2014!

Am I too late?!?  Is it still ok to wish everyone a Happy 2014?!?

I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season filled with love, family & friends and lots of laughter!


{Thanksgiving table I did for a client}

I have been so busy these last few months with clients (YAY!!!), The Holidays, family, laundry, cooking, errands, you know trying to manage all the chores that we *just love*…Time has quickly slipped by.

I know it is January 21st, but it feels like it should be October.   Our warm Surf City weather has my body and psyche all out of whack!

I have wanted to make some changes with the appearance of Butterscotch Lady’s blog and have finally made the time to get to work on it. {I have been having issues with Pinterest pics no longer working on my page and have found it to be extremely frustrating.  That is also one of the reasons I just had to step a way for a while.} 100_7928-001

I have been very open in saying, I am *not* a techy person and the fact that I have made it this far with no help says something, right?

I am not very good at asking for help from friends {because who isn’t busy enough with their own stuff?} but a dear friend of mine has offered to give me a hand and I am taking her up on it.  Hopefully it will help me stay more focused on the *fun* aspect of blogging and not the technical glitches I keep experiencing.  Wish me (us) luck!!!

So I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy Butterscotch Lady and look forward to a few changes and “upgrades”.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

I *LOVE* reading your comments!

 Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for what you

would like to see on Butterscotch Lady.

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