Using What You Have~

Have you ever found yourself in this position when planning a brunch, luncheon or dinner party?  You have your guest list organized, menu planned, beverages and bar laid out, dessert has been made (ordered? Hey, I don’t EVER judge!), you are (finally) using your wedding china for the first time in ages, Grandma’s silver is polished and shiny.

Ok, now what to do?  Centerpieces for the table!

I used to always stress about what to do for a centerpiece.  I just never seemed to have the “right” supplies to make an amazing piece.  And usually, my budget was blown on the food and drinks.  I remember several years ago I was having a small dinner for my Mom’s birthday and I had no ideas and no money for a centerpiece.  So I wandered around my house, )ok we all know that only took about 10 steps!) to see what I could use.

My hallway heading to the bedrooms is filled with family pictures and that gave me an idea.  I had several pictures of my Mom as a little girl, so I took them off of the wall and them on the table using mini easels I have.  Voila!  A unique, FREE centerpiece that was also a conversation starter.  But the best part for me?  It celebrated my Mom!

(Sorry no picture from that birthday dinner party!)

My great, great-grandmother (on the left) and her sister.

My great-aunt and uncle collecting eggs and my great-aunt all “dolled” up to hit the town.

Picture of my great-grandmother having a tea party with my grandma Evelyn and my great-aunt.

The centerpiece pictured above was created using supplies I had around the house.  Do you recognize the silk flowers?  These were used on the gazebos for the wedding I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  This is one reason why I love to use artificial flowers.  You have a one time expense and then never again!

For me, creating a unique and beautiful arrangement is all about layering elements and textures with different heights.

One of the tea cups was my great grandmothers, the other a gift from a friend,  the boa was Baby Girl’s, the easels were $3 each years ago at Michael’s (I sprayed them black), the “silver” bowl (not silver!) $3.95, vintage and antique pictures from my family~free.

The next time you are entertaining don’t stress about spending a lot of money (or time) on a centerpiece.  Look around your house and use what you have!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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