Hail & Water(marks) Everywhere!


We actually had some exciting weather today!  For the first time in many years, it hailed here in Surf City.  How funny is it that Mr. Cabana (Hubby is trying out this name for the blog!) and I are running around the house looking for a camera to take pictures of the hail?  Seriously, even I know how ridiculous that is!  Of course as soon as the hail started, it ended.  I did take pictures but the hail was so small and melting rather quickly with the pouring rain, that the pics are laughable for  my Northern friends!

Due to our “weather system” we had today, I thought I would post one of our favorite picture “stories” from a couple of years ago.

The “aren’t we adorable and loving siblings” picture.

The “I don’t think anyone is watching me” picture!

Let that be a lesson learned, NEVER turn your back on Baby Girl when snow balls are involved!

While this weather was “hitting” us, I was very busy watermarking pictures.  And  more pictures.  And more pictures.  OMG!  My dad has always said I take a million pictures.  I think he may just be right!  (Shhh!  Do Not Tell him I said that!!!).

I think in the back of my mind I always knew I would start a blog as a way to share my love of design and entertaining.  So needless to say, I have quite a large backlog of pictures to share with you.

I was ill last week so what did the Dr. order?  Lots of rest, liquids and Pinning!!!!  I have added more amazing pins to my boards that I plan on sharing soon.  I also plan on actually doing many of the great things I found.    Have you made anything from Pinterest yet?  I would love to see what you have done, send me a picture and I will add it to a future post!

Until Next Time,

Butterscotch Lady

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