“Butterscotch Lady”?

You might be wondering at this point (this point being my 3rd post) what kind of blog is Butterscotch Lady?

Lets start with the name…

My favorite hard candy is butterscotch and my Grandpa always had a dish of butterscotch candies on a table by his pipe (that is where I imagine him sitting, now that he is gone).  As some of you may know, I am not of much of a drinker.  I do occasionally like a mango mojito (Z-Teja’s has the BEST!), mudslide or pina colada by the pool or a glass of red wine with C. & J.P. (they know who they are!), and I save all tequila (blech!) for my Colombian husband.  But I have never had a “signature” drink of choice.  UNTIL, I was introduced to Butterscotch Schnapps by a couple of girlfriends (R & M).  It was a huge hit at our annual Christmas party and where I earned the nickname “Butterscotch Baby” . But since I am not doing a blog about babies and thought people would get the wrong idea, I choose Butterscotch Lady.

So yes, the almost non-drinker has named her blog for a really yummy, liquid gold, alcohol beverage!  Plus, butterscotch is a beautiful choice for a room’s color scheme.

My wish for the blog is to share my passions for design, entertaining, pinning (as in Pinterest) and life as a busy wife and mom.

I have loved decorating for as long as I can remember.  For Christmas one year, my dad painstakingly built a dollhouse for me in his garage.  After my initial disappointment of it not having a garage (he has never let me forget that those were my first words regarding the house.  In my defense, I thought Santa had given it to me and my dad was ALWAYS in his garage tinkering. He finally built a garage when my son asked him where it was!)  Growing up, I relished decorating all of the rooms in the 3 story house.  I don’t think I ever really bothered playing with the people in the house.

I have attached a few pictures of the house that is still in my old bedroom (my kids now play in there). My daughter was the Stylist for this photo shoot.  She would love to hear your feed back on her dollhouse decorating skills!

This house has seen a lot of playtime! The garage is off to the left side. It didn’t make it into the picture.

The kitchen. The wallpaper is very similar to the wallpaper we had in our bathroom growing up.

The chic dining room. Check out the foil wallpaper. The only thing the paper in the background is missing is the flocking!

The bonus room. I always dreamed of having a large room like this when I grew up. It didn’t come true (yet)!

Can you guess which decade I received the house?  You got it!  The very stylish 1970’s, the decade of foil and flocked wallpaper, shag carpets and olive-green appliances.  I was going to re-do the interior of the house when my daughter started to play with it; but I guess I waited just long enough because wallpaper is back in a big way and I see a lot of shag rugs in the stores.  Thank god I haven’t spotted any olive-green appliances yet.  That look needs to stay in the 70’s!  (Although, I did see a bright yellow range at Best Buy the other day.)


Bertazzoni Professional X365GGV 36″ Pro-Style Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 3.6 cu. ft. European Convection Oven, Manual Clean and Storage Drawer $4,799

What do you think of this range?  I actually really like the yellow, it would definitely be a focal point in a kitchen.  Would you be daring enough to have one in your kitchen?  Perfect color for Butterscotch Lady, don’t you think?

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  After reading my draft of this blog to my daughter, she said, “And you DO have butterscotch colored hair!” And there you have it folks…!

Resolving The Cliffhanger

So were you on pins and needles trying to figure out the cliffhanger and how I was in the National Enquirer?  Check out the article below:

The family story goes a little something like this:

My dad engraved EVERYTHING with his California Driver’s License number.  My brother and I used to say we were lucky because it was not engraved on our butts!  Anyway, my dear sweet brother “borrowed” my bike, rode it to the store we were forbidden to go to, it was stolen from store, brother cold not report the theft due to self-incrimination so he concocted a story.  “Someone stole your bike from the backyard where it was locked to the fence!”  The unfortunate neighbor boy was blamed (behind his back) for YEARS!  For probably 15 years!  One night we are having Sunday dinner at my parent’s house and the REAL story is told.  Flash forward another 6 years and my father receives a call from the Huntington Beach Police Dept.  (He retired from the LAPD).  They asked if he had a bike stolen.  It took a minute for my dad to think back and he said yes, my daughter’s bike was stolen when she was 9 (I was now 30!).   It turns out a lady was arrested on a Schwinn Cruiser bike and when they removed the many stuffed animals from the handle bars, what did they discover?  You guessed it, my dad’s DL number!

Yup, the cops found my bike 21 years later!  My dad fixed restored (he would prefer that word!) up the cruiser for my son who was 3 when it was found.  Grant is now just a wee bit too big for the bike, but he hasn’t been asking for a new bike yet.  My daughter will be riding the bike before we know it.  I just realized while I was writing this that she is now the age I was when the bike was stolen! CRAZY!   I would guess there are not too many families that have a Schwinn Beach Cruiser as a family heirloom!

The HBPD PR Department sent out a press release saying, “they never give up on a case!”   I was bewildered by all of this attention but I was told several times that “this was a feel good story”.  So you are welcome for me making you feel good! And by the way, The National Enquirer even had to add drama to my little story.  “Poor little Wendy…” and “It’s like a dream come true”.  I guess I did end up writing a story about the bike.  You all just read it!

Ok, so I am not REALLY a local celebrity, but I did have my 15 minutes of “fame”. And I can tell you, it is really exhausting having the phone ringing constantly with people asking for interviews and scheduling conflicts.  I mean, I did it for maybe 3 or 4 days and I was ready to check into a spa for “exhaustion”!  I can now understand and appreciate when celebrities tell us how “hard” it is to be them.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  I did all of that PR work for the local police for FREE.  I was not paid thousands of dollars to be interviewed.  Plus, I really could have used a stylist for these pictures.  OVERALLS?  God, what was I thinking!?!  And yes,  I used to have dark hair…

I do have to say, there are days when I FEEL like a celebrity.  For example, I am the Co-PTO President (Hi Amy, my Co-Pres!) at my daughter’s school and every time I step onto campus I have kids waving furiously at me, running up to me giving me hugs or if my daughter is around, the kids will point at me and say “Syd, your mom is HERE!”.  I have even had a sweet little girl follow me around at a craft store because she “knew” me.  Anyway, it’s pretty nice for a mom who is lucky if her family acknowledges her and says “Thanks for dinner!”  I don’t mean to complain, but seriously, can they at least acknowledge the fact I made them dinner?  Geesh!

So was the cliffhanger better than finding Bobby Ewing really had not died and was only taking a shower?  (Have I shown my age by referencing such an old show?)  No worries!  I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s and I am proud of it~Here is to being over 40!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome, come on in and make yourself comfortable!  My home is your home. Well so to speak…(Unless you want to help with the mortgage? no?  Are you sure? Ha, ha!)

Have you ever wanted in on the ground floor of something?  You know, been the first to hear of something?  Wished you had bought Microsoft stock at the beginning?  Well ladies and gents, this is your lucky day!  You have arrived at the beginning of something and I mean AT THE VERY BEGINNING.  The very first, EVAH!  After much thought, anxiety, searching, research, obsessing over Pinterest… (you get the idea) I have jumped into the great unknown of Blogging!  And you were there (here ?) to witness the launch!  (Or you are witnessing the launch by checking out earlier posts of said blog.)

I am not like many other bloggers you can find out there.  Trust me.  I am completely technologically challenged.  As in I get completely glassy-eyed when my Hubby starts telling me about gigabytes and such.  (I am still not sure what those giga things are!) I also do not have sweet babies that I am chasing around while I decorate our new “Dream Home”.  Nope.  My babies are a very tall and handsome 14 year old teenage boy and a sweet and beautiful 9 year old girl.

And my “Dream Home”?  Is our “starter home”.  Our “we will live here for 5 to 7 years and then buy our Dream Home”, and yet, we have lived here for over 10 years.  Thank you crazy housing market of the New Millennium!   I believe our starter home has become our “Forever Home”.  Keep in mind that my Forever Home is an astounding 1,176 square feet.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My home is less than 1,200 square feet!  However, we do have a large lot of 7,000 square feet. What?  Do I hear laughter out there?  That’s right!  I forgot, many of you live in other parts of the state/country/world (I can dream I am reaching that far away, right?) and you probably have oodles amount of acreage.  Well, I live in sunny So. California in what is known as “Surf City, USA”.  (Really it is just named Huntington Beach, but our Tourist office wants to draw in LOTS of tourists!)  While 1176 sq. ft. for a house is small even here, a 7,000 sq. ft. lot is pretty “big” for our little beach town.

I am also unlike many other new bloggers out there because I am actually already a bit of a local celebrity. I have been featured on Radio Disney, ABC news Channel 7, OCN, and I have the distinction of already making the pages of the… wait for it… (Thank you Barney Stinson for that) National Enquirer! Oh yea!  I have already MADE IT BIG TIME! Are you wondering how does a “regular Wife and Mom make the pages of this illustrious magazine?  “Was she kidnapped by aliens?”, “Did she discover Big Foot really does exist?”  Have I peeked your curiosity?

Come back and visit me again and I will fill you in on the VERY juicy details!

Oh yea, I just posted my first blog and ended with a CLIFFHANGER!  How very Dallas of me, right?


Butterscotch Lady

PS.  I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, ask questions or just say “Hi”!

PPS.  Since this is my first foray into blogging and creating my site, please forgive any hiccups I may have along the way.  Unlike with design, I really have no idea what I am doing, but I am learning!

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