Just a Little Tip~

Happy Monday!

We had some pretty serious rain this past Saturday (well, serious for So. California!).  I love when it rains here, everything gets all nice and clean.  Plus, my plants and grass get watered~ for FREE! I was volunteering at our local AYSO Soccer sign-ups during the rain burst. People were coming in pretty wet along with their paper work.  One poor parent came in with a completely drenched check.

I told him it was not a big deal because we could just pop it into the microwave to dry.

Are you giving me the same look 5 other people in the room gave me when I said that?  You would have thought I had 3 heads!

I discovered this little tip years ago.  Not really sure how and why.  Probably out of desperation because one of the kids “masterpieces” got soaked by a spilled drink. Baby Girl was not exactly known for her “even temperament” back in those days!  I needed to come up with a solution and STAT!

Put the soaking paper into the microwave and set the time for 30 seconds at a time until the paper is dry.

It took approx. 1:15 for this soaking sheet to be completely dry. The paper may curl up just a bit, especially at the corners.  If you (or the freaking-out upset child, REALLY needs it to be perfect, you can iron it very quickly).

I hope this helps you out.  I know that this trick has saved me several times from a very upset child!

{Speaking of upset, did you notice the little black dot in the upper right hand side of the microwave pictures? Buddy decided he was going to re-heat some leftovers.  With the foil on it.  Of course it created an arch, hence, the lovely permanent mark on my otherwise pristine microwave.  Lets just say he had a lesson as to what happens when you put any type of metal in the microwave.}

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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