Happy 4th of July!!! A day early :)

I know I still need to post pictures from the Mad Hatter Party but this week has just gotten away from me!

I can not believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July…2014!!!!!

This year is flying by WAY TOO QUICKLY!


Surf City is known for having the largest 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi.  It is a huge event on our Main Street with thousands of people decked out in red, white and blue, bikes are decorated and so is just about every house on Main Street.

We don’t live on Main Street, but here is our little bit of Americana~

In honor of our Nation’s Birthday,

here are some pictures of our front porch all decked out in

Red, White and Blue Glory!!!


{Handmade wreath made by our dear friend and teacher Julie! Contact me if you would like a wreath!}






{The tray was once silver plated but was too damaged to polish. Spray paint made it beautiful again!}



{Keep Calm and Be Safe on the 4th of July!}




{I love this USA bunting I made!}


{To make the bunting~ precut wood triangles purchased from craft store, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, acrylic paints and ribbon}






{A perfect spot for a cold drink on a summer day}


{This mirror used to hang in Buddy and Baby Girl’s bathroom. I am all about re-using and re-purposing items!}

 May your 4th of July SPECTACULAR!!!

You will find me floating the pool with a cool mango mojito surrounded

by fun, laughter and loved ones!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Baby Girl’s 11th Birthday Party

Difficult to believe but Baby Girl just celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday!

 I can’t believe that the baby we wished for, for soooo long, is 11 years old!!!  Where did the time go?  Time keeps moving so quickly and without my permission.

I wish there was a “pause” button so I could just sit within a moment and really, really take it all in.

It seems like yesterday that I asked my grandmother what her favorite time in her life had been.  She was in her 80’s and she was looking back over her life and she answered, “When the girls were little (my mom and aunt)”.

I took what she said to heart and have thought of it often when I would be feeding Baby Girl in the middle of the night.  It would be just her and I sitting in her nursery and I would try to memorize everything about those nights; the smell of her hair, neck, the way she would gaze at me with half sleepy eyes…

My beloved Gigi has been gone now for nearly ten years and my sweet Baby Girl is now 11 years old…

As a way to celebrate the passage of time, we always have a birthday party for the kids.  Sometimes big, sometimes small, but always on a budget!

This year was no different, except now we are entertaining ‘tween girls!  Baby Girl has an amazing cirle of friends and she could not wait to celebrate with them!

 We had 12 girls over for a “Pool Slumber Party”!

{Our beautiful birthday girl!}

{Our beautiful birthday girl!  The party was at my parent’s home because they are totally cool and they have a pool!}

I made the bunting on my computer and had it printed at my local print shop, Copy4Less.  I had about 60 color copies printed, cut and drilled (2 holes at the top) for less than $40.  A lot of bang for my buck, if I do say so myself!






{I was shopping for a client when I found this stand. You know me, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! It was just $40 at Home Goods}






{I have had these acrylic plates for years and I never get tired of usung them!  One of the few purchases I have ever made at Walmart. (I am a Target girl...}

{I have had these acrylic plates for years and I never get tired of using them! One of the few purchases I have ever made at Walmart. (I am a Target girl…}


{A sweet dessert bar}

{A sweet dessert bar}

{Inexpensive desserts~ Twinkies, Swiss Rolls.  Perfect for a sweet tooth!}

{Inexpensive desserts~ Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, Oreos. Perfect for a sweet tooth!}

{Costco mini brownies.  They are cute and yummy!}

{Costco mini brownies. They are cute and yummy!}

{Red velvet cake from Costco.  Yummy and only $9.99!}

{Baby Girl’s favorite ~Red velvet cake from Costco. Delicious and only $9.99!}

{The Party Girls!}

{The Party Girls!}

I am not usually  a “dump a bag of chips in a bowl and order a pizza” kinda gal, but that is pretty much what I did this year.

{Usually Baby Girl wants a “dinner party” with steak, potatoes, salad… Pizza is so much easier! 😉 }

I have to say, all of you Moms that have been doing that for years, YOU ARE REALLY, REALLY SMART!!!

It felt like hitting the “pause” button and I could just enjoy the party and watching my Baby Girl have the time of her life!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady


The entire party cost less than $190 (including my adorable black stand).  Not too bad for feeding 12 hungry girls dinner and breakfast!

Printing $36

Chips- $10

Pizza $40

Desserts $30


Waffles {Bisquick} – In my pantry

Bacon- In my freezer

Paper Straws $10

Black Stand $40

Party favor {Pink Pool Noodle} 12 for $1 each

***I had the mason jars, plates, lemonade, scrapbook paper, ribbon, linens, starfish and dessert stands***

Schools Out for Summer!

Welcome to Summertime!!!!

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and it was also my kid’s last day of school.  Buddy is now going to be a high school Freshman and Baby Girl will be in the fourth grade.{Don’t even get me started thinking about how fast time is going by with my kids!}

For the majority of my life I have lived according to a school calendar.  You know what I mean, September means new school cloths, Christmas (Winter) Break, Easter (Spring) Break…  So even though it has been many (many, many!) years since I have been a student, I think I get more just as excited by summer vacation as the kids.  The excitement begins when I see the first June bug of the year, which happened a couple of weeks ago (sometimes they do not show up until July).  There is something magical when you think of an entire summer and all of the possibilities it holds~ BBQ’s, the 4th of July, pool parties, Movie Nights, beach days…  90 days of fun and relaxation!

For the past five summers, Buddy has been a Jr. Guard at our local beach and this year Baby Girl will be joining him in the program.  I grew up spending 7 of my summers in Jr. Guards too and made life long friends.  Some of my favorite memories as a child took place at our beach with my “summer friends”. {Now many of our kids are in the program.}

I have to say that I love having my kids home over the summer and I dread them going back to school in September {but since it is the first day of summer vacation, I am not going to think about that!}.  I love our lazy days on the beach reading, watching dolphins play and just hanging out with them and our friends.

What do you love about summer and do you have a favorite memory?  I would love to hear about it!!!

I LOVE reading your comments!!!!  Nothing like writing an entry and hearing crickets!


~For the “Summer Bunting” I used 5-12×12 scrapbook paper, rope, gold computer paper.

1. Find the center of the scrapbook paper, dot it with a pencil.  On a large paper-cutter, cut paper on an angle using the dot as your guide for the tip of bottom  of the flag.  Repeat on the other side of paper to create a triangle.

2. Using a hole punch, cut two holes just on the inside edge at the top of the flag.

3. Thread the rope through the holes.

4. For the words “Summer” I used WORD.  Jokewood was the font (approx. 200 size).  Print one letter per page.

5. Attach computer sheets between the flags using a stapler (You can then re-use the bunting by just removing the letters).

I found the sand buckets at Target for $1 each and the fabulous pinwheels came from Shinoda Design Center and were $4.25 each.  The flowers in the buckets have been used in many, many projects {remember the wedding gazebo?}.

 Cheers to a magical summer spent with friends and family!!!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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