Easy and Nearly FREE Easter Centerpiece

Baby Girl and I found some fantastic sticks last week on a walk with Mr. Cabana and our dog at our local park.  I was not too sure what I would do with them, but hey, they were free and we all know I love FREE!

Baby Girl had a craft at her class party yesterday where they made little “blossoms” out of square of tissue paper and then glued them onto a tree they had drawn on a white craft bag.

After her party, I happened to pop into Pier 1 Imports while I was shopping for an Easter shirt for Buddy at Old Navy.  (Yea!  He approves of my purchase!)  Anyway, Pier 1’s Easter items are 25% off so I thought I would check out what they had.  Oh my!  They have the cutest white ceramic bunnies on a lavender ribbon for $1.46 each.

Inspiration struck like lightning~ The bunnies, the free branches and the free leftover tissue paper squares…

All I needed was:

A bowl, floral foam, bricks, moss filler, branches, zip tie, hot glue, tissue paper, glitter glue and five bunnies.

I used an inexpensive bowl ($3.95), filled it with floral foam, put two small pieces of brick on top of foam to give it weight.  Next I zip tied the branches together and stuck into the floral foam.  I then covered the foam and bricks with moss and hung the bunnies from the branches.

Baby Girl made the “blossoms” for me while I hot glued them onto the branches.  As a guide I glued the blossoms where-ever there was a little “nub” (spot where a real blossom would have come out had the branch not been a dried out twig!).

Once the blossoms were blooming, I added a little dot of glitter glue to a petal.  I believe you can never go wrong with glitter!

Sorry for the blurry picture. But, you get the idea about the glitter, right?

So here is our Easter center piece that cost about $6 and that was only because I had to have the cute bunnies!  The best part?  Baby Girl and I only spent a 1/2 hour on this centerpiece.  Which is great because we still have eggs to color, flowers to plant, house to clean, laundry to fold, shortcakes to make…

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

It’s Here! It’s Here!

As of today April 6th at 2:50 PM. Pacific Standard Time

is here!!!!

I am not sure who is more excited me or the kids?

On Pinterest I saw this sign and thought it was such a great idea to mark a special day. Of course I remembered this idea literally 8 minutes before I had to pick Baby Girl up from school.  If anyone had been watching me those last few minutes they would have thought I was crazy!  I grabbed paints and brushes, squirted different colors onto a plate, un-rolled the craft paper and painted as quickly as I could.  I liked how the “S” turned out, the rest?  Not so much.  Oh, I wanted  it to say “Spring Break” right?  Forgot about the “Break” part when I started painting and had to squeeze it in.  Oh, well!  I will make sure the Summer one is really well done.

Who am I kidding?  I will be running around on the last of school too!  Maybe I will give myself 15 minutes to make that sign!  (The kids still thought it was pretty cool to pull up and see the sign. Do you know how difficult it is to impress a 14-year-old.  TOUGH!)

Source: sidebysideblog.blogspot.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

I have been so busy I just haven’t done much decorating for Easter yet.  I say “yet” because I am hoping the Easter Bunny will help a “gal” out and decorate for me.  I will let you know how that works out me!

I did do a fun “art” project with Baby Girl the other day in the playhouse.

Do you remember the feeling of doing art work on your classroom chalkboard when you were young?

I always loved being able to do that!

I just loved Miss Mustard Seed’s (below) chalkboard artwork and had to see  if I could possibly imitate her artistic style.  I definitely need to practice more and use smaller chalk. I used the fat sidewalk chalk which was more difficult to work with.

 Source: missmustardseed.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

If you have never visited Miss Mustard Seed’s blog, she is one of my very favorites.  She was even on the Nate Berkus Show this past Tuesday.  Check out her site and let her know I sent you there for a peek.

Baby Girl and some of her “peeps”!

Baby Girl is the one wearing the stylish pink hat.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Spring Has Sprung!

My Amaryllis in full bloom. My mom gave me several bulbs years ago from her yard. I love that they have multiplied over the years. (FYI, this is the wall we show movies on for our “Drive- In Movie Nights”.)

I am absolutely, completely FLOORED that it is already spring and that Easter is less than one week away!  Where has the time gone?  Just about the only thing I have ready for Easter is Baby Girl’s outfit!  (White eyelet sun dress with a coral cardi and coral sandals.) Adorable!

Ok, I will admit it, she is ALWAYS the best dressed in the family!  I am not picking favorites when it comes to my kids, but let’s be honest, Buddy is a teen and jeans and t-shirts are his favorite!  Although I know he will “dress up” and wear a cool button down shirt for hunting for eggs.

Yes, at 14 he still hunts for eggs with Baby Girl.  Gotta keep up appearances!  Plus, no hunting would equal no Easter basket and he surely is not going to risk not receiving any chocolate! (Shhh!  Family secret, my brother and I had to hunt for eggs until he was 20 and I was 18!) We finally drew the line at those ages and made our parents and a couple of their friends hunt for eggs the next year.  Hey, come to think of it~  I think they are over due for another egg hunt….

I usually do not do too much decorating for Easter.  I did find this adorable FREE Printable on Pinterest the other day.

                                                                                                              Source: thirtyhandmadedays.com via Butterscotch Lady on Pinterest

My mom gave me this old frame that had been hidden in a closet a while back.   I just have not had the time to paint it until this past weekend.  I thought it would be perfect for the spring print.

I LOVE spray paint!  Just be sure to wear gloves so you are not scrubbing your hands for longer than it took to paint!

~The final FREE result~


Our family had a couple of birthdays this past week.

Mr. Cabana’s  birthday was last Thursday and our beloved dog Alexa turned 10 years old on April 1st.

Baby Girl is helping me plan a “Doggy” party to celebrate with Alexa and her doggy friends.

I look forward to sharing that blog entry soon!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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