Cheers to 2016!!!

Welcome to Butterscotch Lady and 2016 friends!

2015 just needed to slip quietly away and I am happy to ring in 2016 with all of you!!! I won’t get into why BL blog posts were sporadic in 2015 (hospital stays and major surgery for your’s truly!). But I am thrilled to be here and back to doing what I LOVE!!!!

my view posts are going CRAZY today and I am so thankful to White Walls and the military families that are finding our sweet little playhouse, error COTTAGE, as cute as we do!

I would love to hear from all of you! Comments and questions are really the icing on the cake of a post.

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Happy 4th of July!!! A day early :)

I know I still need to post pictures from the Mad Hatter Party but this week has just gotten away from me!

I can not believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July…2014!!!!!

This year is flying by WAY TOO QUICKLY!


Surf City is known for having the largest 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi.  It is a huge event on our Main Street with thousands of people decked out in red, white and blue, bikes are decorated and so is just about every house on Main Street.

We don’t live on Main Street, but here is our little bit of Americana~

In honor of our Nation’s Birthday,

here are some pictures of our front porch all decked out in

Red, White and Blue Glory!!!


{Handmade wreath made by our dear friend and teacher Julie! Contact me if you would like a wreath!}






{The tray was once silver plated but was too damaged to polish. Spray paint made it beautiful again!}



{Keep Calm and Be Safe on the 4th of July!}




{I love this USA bunting I made!}


{To make the bunting~ precut wood triangles purchased from craft store, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, acrylic paints and ribbon}






{A perfect spot for a cold drink on a summer day}


{This mirror used to hang in Buddy and Baby Girl’s bathroom. I am all about re-using and re-purposing items!}

 May your 4th of July SPECTACULAR!!!

You will find me floating the pool with a cool mango mojito surrounded

by fun, laughter and loved ones!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Using What You Have~

Have you ever found yourself in this position when planning a brunch, luncheon or dinner party?  You have your guest list organized, menu planned, beverages and bar laid out, dessert has been made (ordered? Hey, I don’t EVER judge!), you are (finally) using your wedding china for the first time in ages, Grandma’s silver is polished and shiny.

Ok, now what to do?  Centerpieces for the table!

I used to always stress about what to do for a centerpiece.  I just never seemed to have the “right” supplies to make an amazing piece.  And usually, my budget was blown on the food and drinks.  I remember several years ago I was having a small dinner for my Mom’s birthday and I had no ideas and no money for a centerpiece.  So I wandered around my house, )ok we all know that only took about 10 steps!) to see what I could use.

My hallway heading to the bedrooms is filled with family pictures and that gave me an idea.  I had several pictures of my Mom as a little girl, so I took them off of the wall and them on the table using mini easels I have.  Voila!  A unique, FREE centerpiece that was also a conversation starter.  But the best part for me?  It celebrated my Mom!

(Sorry no picture from that birthday dinner party!)

My great, great-grandmother (on the left) and her sister.

My great-aunt and uncle collecting eggs and my great-aunt all “dolled” up to hit the town.

Picture of my great-grandmother having a tea party with my grandma Evelyn and my great-aunt.

The centerpiece pictured above was created using supplies I had around the house.  Do you recognize the silk flowers?  These were used on the gazebos for the wedding I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  This is one reason why I love to use artificial flowers.  You have a one time expense and then never again!

For me, creating a unique and beautiful arrangement is all about layering elements and textures with different heights.

One of the tea cups was my great grandmothers, the other a gift from a friend,  the boa was Baby Girl’s, the easels were $3 each years ago at Michael’s (I sprayed them black), the “silver” bowl (not silver!) $3.95, vintage and antique pictures from my family~free.

The next time you are entertaining don’t stress about spending a lot of money (or time) on a centerpiece.  Look around your house and use what you have!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy

SWEET~ It is Monday!

Last week I met with Krista, owner of “Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy“. How ADORABLE is that cotton cart?!?!?!?

I have always loved cotton candy, not only because it is “sweet”, but because it is so darn pretty!  But Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy is not just your “run of the mill” fair fare, nope!  Their cotton candy comes in different flavors and colors.  I got to try the green apple and raspberry.  O.M.G.!  It was light, airy and delicious.

Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy can customize the sticks to coordinate for your party or event.  And you just know I LOVED that!

How about instead of sticks, cone cups with Bling!

You can also have Dolly’s pre-package the cotton candy flavor of your choice into tubs with a custom logo (orders over 50) for your next party or event.  I am ordering pre-packaged Green Apple 8 oz. tubs (tubs are 8 oz.,  16 oz., or 32 oz.) with our school logo to give away at our school tour next week.  It is the perfect color for our school~GREEN!  Dolly’s will also be at our school Carnival Friday, June 1st.

  If you have Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy cart at your next event, she can even rim your martini (margarita…) glasses with cotton candy! How SWEET is that? I can not wait to have a “Girl’s Night” with Martini’s!

Krista and her “Cotton Candy” Crew.  Impress your guests and have

Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy at your next event!

~Have a SWEET Monday!~

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  I need to ask if BUTTERSCOTCH cotton candy is available!!!!

Let’s Party (Again!)

My dear friend Tracy from “Photographs by Tracy” came to Baby Girl’s “Hot Chocolate & Cupcakes Valentine” party to snap some pictures for me.  What a difference to have a professional take pictures of my styling!  I wish I had her in my back pocket everywhere I go!

My MOST favorite stand. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with sparkles!

The black and white photo on the left side of the picture is of my great-great grandmother having a tea party with my beloved grandmother, Evelyn and her sister.

I cut up the wrapping paper I found at Paper Source and attached the picture to card board with a scalloped edge I found at Michael’s. I used fabric tape i also found at Paper Source. I LOVE fabric tape!!! The tag hanging on the left side came from a $1 packet of tags I found at Jo-Ann’s.

My $2 fluted ice cream glass that I love.

My canvas from Timree Gold’s art class. The fabric underneath the picture is an old Christmas dress of Baby Girl’s.

Baby Girl’s favorite~Red Velvet cupcakes and my childhood favorite, Strawberry!

I adore this picture! Baby Girl’s artwork from Timree Gold’s art class is in the background. Isn’t it fantastic? To left is a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade. I serve it at just about all of my parties {great label, it is pink, yummy and only $2.99} I also have a “small” obsession with cake stands; isn’t the cupcake covered stand fabulous?

This was Baby Girl’s hat for the soiree. She is a HUGE animal lover and just had to have the dog picture.

One of my “sweet” jars.

Whenever I see party pictures, especially on Pinterest, I ALWAYS want to know how much was spent.  {Maybe because I always seem to be doing parties on a rather tight budget!}  Is anyone else nosy about the “economics” of throwing a beautiful looking party?

Because we are all friends here, I am going to tell you what I spent.

  • Invitations~ approx. $3.  I printed the invite at home on photo paper {the best paper for invites, birthday cards, tags…}.   The envelopes were left over from our Christmas cards.
  • Party hats~ $2 for 16 hats
  • Decor for hats~ $3.  I printed the pictures on my printer and glued them to 2 sheets of sparkle paper I had {found it at Michael’s for $1 each clearance} I had the pink shear ribbon {approx. $4}, paint $0
  • $19 at Paper Source {I had a $20 gift card- so FREE for me!}.  I bought 1 sheet of wrapping paper $3.75, paper tape $6.95, red and white Baker’s twine $7.95 {I ended up not using any}
  • Garland~ wrapping paper, paper tape and card board {5 pack at Michael’s $1}, I had the strawberry and chocolate garland.
  • Table “Cloth”~ Book pages from “Pride & Prejudice” dinner party {book was $7 and I still have pages left to use for another project!}, tags $1, wrapping paper cut outs, printed family vintage pictures at home $4


  • Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade~ $2.99
  • Hot Chocolate {my own mix we had}~ approx. $5
  • Red Velvet cake mix~ $1.50
  • Strawberry cake mix~ $2 FREE {part of a Hostess gift I received at my Book Club dinner party}
  • Cupcake liners~ $1 FREE {see above!}
  • Frosting~ 4 egg whites, 1 cup sugar, 1 pinch salt, 1 tsp vanilla, food coloring $3 ?
  • Red and White mints~ $FREE {left over from a candy dessert table} Thanks Gail!
  • Chocolate Lemon cookies from Trader Joe’s, brought by a guest {in a glass jar}
  • Coconut Malt balls~$3 {in a glass jar}
  • Black and white straws~ $4 for a 20 pack {Shop Sweet Lulu} These were left over from Baby Girl’s birthday party last year.
  • Candy hearts~$1
  • Pink wafer cookies~ $1
  • TOTAL COST $58.49 {I added in the FREE amounts I would have spent}
  • OUT OF POCKET COST for ME~$22.99

I have been collecting hostess items for years, so that helps when I am entertaining not to have to buy a lot of new pieces.  The plates, large cupcake holder, small domed cake stand came from Home Goods.  Set of three jars came from Shinoda’s.  Tea cups given to Baby Girl by one of my besties, Pam R.  Mason jars from Smart & Final.

I hope you enjoyed “coming” to Baby Girl’s party.

You were wonderful guests and will be welcomed back anytime with open arms…

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

My Kinda Perfect

“Hi!  My name is Butterscotch Lady and I am a Pinterest Addict.”

I am completely, crazily, head over heals in LOVE with Pinterest.  If you are not familiar with this addiction site, you are missing out!  At this point it is an invite only site, but is COMPLETELY free.  Send me your email address and I would be more than happy to send you an invitation.  Addicts like company, right?

So what is Pinterest?  From their site, ” Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”  I used to buy decorating magazines when the family budget would allow (Wow!  They are expensive and chock full of ads!) and I would pour over the pictures and tear out my favorites.  I had a folder full of “inspirational” pictures that I hoped to use one day.  It was not exactly the most organized system and I could not share the pictures with friends easily.  Pinterest fixed all of that for me.  No more spending money on magazines or overflowing folders with tears sheets.

I have been on Pinterest for about 8 months and I will admit it is completely addicting.  I have rationalized spending WAY TOO much time “pinning” (adding pictures to my boards) in the name of “research” for my business.   I need to know what is happening in the marketplace, right?  I have 95 boards and 1,607 pins.  Ummm, yes, that is A LOT.  I admit it.  It is just that there are so many great, inspirational ideas floating around the web and I WANT TO USE THEM ALL!


This picture was my “inspiration” for my Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Book Club dinner party last month.

I adore all of the books covered in white paper.  

But how do you tell the title without having to remove the book from the shelf?  I may need to try this and see how “user-friendly” it actually is!

                                                                                           Source: via Wendy on Pinterest


There is one teensy, little problem.  The pictures I am pinning are more often than not, PERFECT!  Frequently I think, “No way!  Kids would destroy that fabulous room/white sofa/party…in a matter of seconds!  Or, “What in the world was their budget for that kitchen/Master bedroom/ child’s 1st birthday party?” Also, the photography and lighting is amazing.  My pictures?  Not so much…(I hope to improve!)

I don’t know about you, but I have to live in the real world.  And I am styling REAL rooms and REAL parties.  I learned not so long ago that many of the events that  people have pinned are “staged events”.  Sure it is easy to make everything look perfect when you don’t really have guests showing up in 20 minutes and you still need another hour to finish the cupcakes, not to mention your hair is wrapped in a towel!  Now I am not objecting to these amazing events and the pictures that I get to pour over.  But it’s a lot of pressure to live up to!

I was talking to a friend of mine that made the most adorable individual cakes for her daughter’s slumber party.  I asked her if she was interested in getting more serious and selling her goodies.  She said,  “No, because they are not perfect.”    She is also on Pinterest and sees the “perfection” of those beautiful pictures.  Right then, I realized that I am not the only one that can feel a tad “insecure” when comparing what I do, to what a photo shoot has done.  (Think of how you may feel when you see one of those photo-shopped magazine covers with “artificially” perfect and beautiful people.)

 My “Inspirational” Result~

My dining room set up for “Pride and Prejudice” book club dinner party

Most inexpensive “table-cloth” ever. $7 BARNES & NOBLE  Classic paper back Pride and Prejudice book. At first, I felt really guilty ripping into the book. I used it for the table-cloth and bunting.

Tearing into a book. Literally!

Arrange pages in a random pattern so you can read from any seat!

“Chapter” napkin ring, bookmark printed onto photo paper with ribbon, $1 journal

Book pages fanned and stapled together with cupcake wrapper center.

Jane Austen silhouette found on web for free.

My point is, these pictures are an amazing RESOURCE to use for inspiration when I am styling an event or room.  And I  ALWAYS seem to be working with a tight budget and that means I need to be really creative to try and pull off these looks inexpensively, but make it LOOK like no expense was spared.  My hope is that  we can all shrug off the notion of “PERFECTION” and embrace our perfectly imperfect confections, parties and rooms!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

PS.  My dinner party decorations cost a total of $10!

PPS.  Feel free to pin my pictures onto your Pinterest Boards.  I plan on watermarking my pictures as soon as I can figure out how to do that!

PPPS.  Also, don’t forget to signup to “Follow” my blog by entering your email address.  When I hit 100 email subscribers, I will be having a special give-away!

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