Yea~ I can’t wait to try my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

This past Sunday Mr. Cabana, Baby Girl and I went to Historic Downtown Orange (Buddy was at a birthday party) to make a very exciting purchase for me. ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT!!! I found it at Country Roads Antiques and Gardens.

I am fortunate that there is a local distributor of the paint 15 minutes from my house.

Baby Girl all dressed up to go “antiquing”. How lucky am I that she LOVES to dig for treasures like me?!?

I am so excited to use the paint and I have many pieces that have been awaiting my attention. I am so happy I did wait (procrastinate?) to get to work on the dresser, cabinet, head-boards, bed…Mr. Cabana has been quite patient with my hoard loot freebies treasures taking up space in HIS garage.  When we married, we agreed that I “got” the house to do with as I please and he “got” the garage.

Shhh!   This arrangement has worked out very well for me.  It is quite rare that Mr. Cabana balks at anything I do with the house.  But here is the thing, I seem to be slowly taking over the garage now too!  I have an entertaining cabinet, craft cabinet, entertaining storage above the laundry area.  He even built a work space over his original workbench using our old kitchen peninsula laminate counters (reduce, re-use!) so that I had a larger work surface. What a great hubby I have.  He’s a keeper!

Ok, so about the Annie Sloan paint.  I will not have to sand to prep the furniture (unless there are stickers to remove like on the dresser I have), nor will I have to prime it.  No sanding off varnish, paint.  Nope!  I just get clean the piece, paint and wax it!  I now understand Mr. Cabana’s excitement over a new tool. I just need the time to get to work.  Maybe later today…

I was so excited about all of the colors that I had to choose from.  But as I was sticking to a strict budget, I settled for 1 color (Old White), clear wax and dark wax.  I wanted to buy another color as well, but that wait until next month.  I also did not purchase the $23 brush.  But I did “splurge” ($5) and bought a color chart so now I can prioritize my color wish list.

These samples were hung high on the wall. The color are on the right side has a clear wax finish and the color on the left has a dark wax finish.

I better get going on my chores so I can go play paint!  I will post pictures as soon as I can!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

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