Baby Girl’s Annual Valentine “Tea” Party

Remember, I am all about party door decor!

I am all about party door decor!

In honor of Valentine’s Day this Friday, I thought I would share with you again Baby Girl’s Valentine Party from 2013.  I am busy preparing for this year’s party which we are having tomorrow.  Enjoy!

As I wrote in last years blog about Baby Girl’s traditional party, I started the party to help foster a fondness of the holiday by showering her friends with love.  We see it as a day to celebrate her friendships with these fabulous girls!  We believe this day should not be just about couples and kissing and holding hands… Can’t you hear the ‘tweens screaming “EEEWWWWW!” But about celebrating our friendships too.

Even though we call it a “Tea” Party, there is no tea.  We have found hot chocolate to be much more popular as a hot beverage with this ‘tween group.  We also served pink lemonade, with a choice of egg salad or peanut butter & grape jelly on heart-shaped bread (made using a cookie cutter), mini donut skewers (very popular!), strawberries (brought by Lilly and her Mama Shannon) and delicious red velvet cupcakes made by our sweet friend Kanani and her Mama Kim.

My photographer friend Tracy (Photograph’s by Tracy) took some beautiful pictures for me.  My iTouch was all I used to take pictures.  I know, I know, WHAT was I thinking?!?!?  Well, I was thinking I have about 1 hour to pull off this shin dig and I was rushing around trying to have it all set up for Baby Girl’s guests (read my blog post “My Kinda Perfect“).  Sooo, you will probably see a difference in the quality of the pictures (plus, I am not a professional like Tracy!).  I am saving for an SLR camera that will help with the quality of  my pictures and therefore, hopefully your enjoyment of my blog!

So without further adieu,

Welcome to Baby Girl’s Valentine party!




A cut piece of gingham fabric is is perfect for an inexpensive table cloth. I have used this piece over and over for tables and table scapes. I have left the edges raw and it still looks great!


Lanterns helped to bring the color up to the ceiling and created a focal point for above the table.

Lanterns helped to bring the color up to the ceiling and created a focal point for above the table.


The girls LOVED the mini donuts on the skewers.





Shredded, crinkle paper adds a little pizzaz to the glasses with the cupcakes at each place setting.


How cute are these mini donuts on wood skewers? Another hit with the girls!


I just adore paper straws and use them every chance I get! Mr. Cabana and I found these perfect red and white stripped straws at Target in their Christmas section. If you happened to come after us, sorry!
We bought ALL that they had!


Close up our Valentine garland we made by embellishing a chocolate garland found at Shinoda. We used wrapping paper, fabric tape, card board, paper tags and flowers.

Die cuts from Staple's taped onto wood skewers with questions for the girls to ask one another.  A BIG HIT!

Die cuts from Staple’s taped onto wood skewers with questions for the girls to ask one another.

Ikea frames (2 pack), wrapping paper from Paper Source, card board and fabric tape.  "Instant" table art!

Ikea frames (2 pack), wrapping paper from Paper Source, card board and fabric tape. “Instant” table art!


This is what I have said to my children every night when they are off to bed. I love that Buddy (15) still says it back to me!

This is what I have said to my children every night when they are off to bed. I love that Buddy (15) still says it back to me!

A little bottle of bubble bath soap in a "champagne" bottle.  $1 each @ Target

A little bottle of bubble bath soap in a “champagne” bottle. $1 each @ Target


{Playhouse mural painted by Timree Gold.}

{ Paintings in the bay window were painted by Baby Girl and me and an art class at Timree’s Newport Beach studio. Stop by her website to sign up for a class.  Also visit her Facebook page @}

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Total cost of party $35 (for food).  Conversation sticks were made using supplies we already had.

So new decor items were to be purchased for this party. That made Mr. Cabana VERY happy!


~Baby Girl and her Gal Pals~

~Baby Girl and her Gal Pals~

We hope you enjoyed coming to the party and perhaps picked up a few ideas for your next shin dig!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Let’s Party (Again!)

My dear friend Tracy from “Photographs by Tracy” came to Baby Girl’s “Hot Chocolate & Cupcakes Valentine” party to snap some pictures for me.  What a difference to have a professional take pictures of my styling!  I wish I had her in my back pocket everywhere I go!

My MOST favorite stand. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with sparkles!

The black and white photo on the left side of the picture is of my great-great grandmother having a tea party with my beloved grandmother, Evelyn and her sister.

I cut up the wrapping paper I found at Paper Source and attached the picture to card board with a scalloped edge I found at Michael’s. I used fabric tape i also found at Paper Source. I LOVE fabric tape!!! The tag hanging on the left side came from a $1 packet of tags I found at Jo-Ann’s.

My $2 fluted ice cream glass that I love.

My canvas from Timree Gold’s art class. The fabric underneath the picture is an old Christmas dress of Baby Girl’s.

Baby Girl’s favorite~Red Velvet cupcakes and my childhood favorite, Strawberry!

I adore this picture! Baby Girl’s artwork from Timree Gold’s art class is in the background. Isn’t it fantastic? To left is a bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade. I serve it at just about all of my parties {great label, it is pink, yummy and only $2.99} I also have a “small” obsession with cake stands; isn’t the cupcake covered stand fabulous?

This was Baby Girl’s hat for the soiree. She is a HUGE animal lover and just had to have the dog picture.

One of my “sweet” jars.

Whenever I see party pictures, especially on Pinterest, I ALWAYS want to know how much was spent.  {Maybe because I always seem to be doing parties on a rather tight budget!}  Is anyone else nosy about the “economics” of throwing a beautiful looking party?

Because we are all friends here, I am going to tell you what I spent.

  • Invitations~ approx. $3.  I printed the invite at home on photo paper {the best paper for invites, birthday cards, tags…}.   The envelopes were left over from our Christmas cards.
  • Party hats~ $2 for 16 hats
  • Decor for hats~ $3.  I printed the pictures on my printer and glued them to 2 sheets of sparkle paper I had {found it at Michael’s for $1 each clearance} I had the pink shear ribbon {approx. $4}, paint $0
  • $19 at Paper Source {I had a $20 gift card- so FREE for me!}.  I bought 1 sheet of wrapping paper $3.75, paper tape $6.95, red and white Baker’s twine $7.95 {I ended up not using any}
  • Garland~ wrapping paper, paper tape and card board {5 pack at Michael’s $1}, I had the strawberry and chocolate garland.
  • Table “Cloth”~ Book pages from “Pride & Prejudice” dinner party {book was $7 and I still have pages left to use for another project!}, tags $1, wrapping paper cut outs, printed family vintage pictures at home $4


  • Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade~ $2.99
  • Hot Chocolate {my own mix we had}~ approx. $5
  • Red Velvet cake mix~ $1.50
  • Strawberry cake mix~ $2 FREE {part of a Hostess gift I received at my Book Club dinner party}
  • Cupcake liners~ $1 FREE {see above!}
  • Frosting~ 4 egg whites, 1 cup sugar, 1 pinch salt, 1 tsp vanilla, food coloring $3 ?
  • Red and White mints~ $FREE {left over from a candy dessert table} Thanks Gail!
  • Chocolate Lemon cookies from Trader Joe’s, brought by a guest {in a glass jar}
  • Coconut Malt balls~$3 {in a glass jar}
  • Black and white straws~ $4 for a 20 pack {Shop Sweet Lulu} These were left over from Baby Girl’s birthday party last year.
  • Candy hearts~$1
  • Pink wafer cookies~ $1
  • TOTAL COST $58.49 {I added in the FREE amounts I would have spent}
  • OUT OF POCKET COST for ME~$22.99

I have been collecting hostess items for years, so that helps when I am entertaining not to have to buy a lot of new pieces.  The plates, large cupcake holder, small domed cake stand came from Home Goods.  Set of three jars came from Shinoda’s.  Tea cups given to Baby Girl by one of my besties, Pam R.  Mason jars from Smart & Final.

I hope you enjoyed “coming” to Baby Girl’s party.

You were wonderful guests and will be welcomed back anytime with open arms…

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

Baby Girl and Valentine’s Past

I have an announcement to make…

My adorable 9 year old daughter has decided that she would like to be referred to here on Butterscotch Lady by her nickname, “Baby Girl”.  I have called her this for as long as I can remember.  I think it started when I would tell her that no matter how old she was she would always be my baby girl.  I kind of thought she would “outgrow” the nickname.  I was even expecting the “Mommy, we have to talk…” discussion where she tells me that she is way too old be called such a babyish name, especially at school-in front of friends!  But, alas, I guess she loves this nickname as much as I love whispering to her, “I love you Baby Girl, forever and always to the moon and back”.


Last year Baby Girl started a small tradition with a few close friends.  She invited the girls and their American Girl Dolls to a Valentine’s Tea Party.

Baby Girl and her American Girl doll “Natalie”

All set and ready for tea!

Tea sandwiches and my dear friend P.R.’s divine jam tarts.

Who doesn’t love a party favor?

This black dresser was a $15 garage sale find that I refinished and added new hardware.

Baby Girl and I went to Paper Source (Thanks for the gift card Miss N.!) today to pick up a few things for next week’s Valentine Hot Cocoa & Cupcake Party.  It will be a busy week preparing!   I have to admit, I am LOVING that Baby Girl likes to entertain as much as I do!

Until next time,

Butterscotch Lady

(The hubby and son are still undecided about their Blog monikers.  Any suggestions?)

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